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3 ways vs 2 ways speakers comparison | Best 3 way & 2 way speakers for car 2022

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    3 ways vs 2 ways speakers comparison: Hello! Friends Welcome to another blog. In this blog, I will share my review on 3 ways vs 2 ways car speakers. If you are also one of those who do not like listening to your favorite music being played through Sub-speakers, then here we have made a collection of the best 3 ways car speakers of all time.

    Also, here I will explain what is the difference between the 3 ways and the 2 ways speaker. However, choosing a great sound for your speaker is not a tough job. Aside from that simple things, like cost and aesthetics, there is also a myriad of technical details to take into account.

    3 ways vs 2 ways speaker comparison

    The set of 3 ways speakers will give decent bass, clarity of middle frequencies, and also crisp and clear high. Overall the 3 ways speakers are affordable and easy to install are also mostly 3 ways speakers that will fit easily into the pre-cut slots in your car.

    Now coming to the 2 ways speakers, they come in every size and shape for every car make and model. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to significantly upgrade your system, also the 2 ways speakers are best for sound quality, best for the money and best for the coaxial, etc.

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    Here are our best collection of 3 ways car speaker 2022

    #1. Kicker 3-way car audio Coaxial Speaker:

    3 ways vs 2 ways speakers comparison

    This speaker is best for its thin-profile design which allows them to fit snuggle into the most standard car speaker fittings, and also the tweeter has a zero to minimal protrusion which keeps it flush. The Kicker 3-way car audio coaxial has a high 6×9 inch speaker from the Kicker and has an RMS rating of 90 watts each and a peak power rating of 306 watts.

    Also, the kickers may not have many ways of power but the lower output comes with clear and superior sound quality that lakes distortion. The only thing which is lacking in this speaker is the coaxial bass, which you would not expect a ton of bass from a 3-way small speaker.

    • Thin profile design
    • Little to no tweeter protrusion
    • Superior sound quality
    • Lacking in bass reproduction

    #2. Rockford Fosgate Full-Range 3-way Coaxial Speaker

    Rockford Fosgate Full-Range 3-way Coaxial Speaker

    The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Coaxial 3-way speaker is one of the best choices for its best price. The diameter of this speaker is 6.5 inch in high and have a mounting depth of 2.15 inch, also comes with mounting hardware and a great looks front grill. This speaker has integrated high-pass crossover, polypropylene cones, and silk-dome piezo tweeters.

    This speaker has an RMS rating of 45 watts. With a peak power rating of 90 watts, which will give you a punchy mid-range response and clear-cutting high sound. The bass reproduction on this speaker is also great after a bit of minor EQ tweaking.

    The best part of this speaker is its price, with this mid-range price you can get a full pack of sound quality, bass, and every other aspect of this speaker is great. The only lacking part of this speaker is that it will not last long like the premium speakers, even if you are gentle on them. Last but not least this speaker is a great value for money.

    • Great value for money
    • Great bass response
    • Integrated high-pass crossover
    • Included mounting hardware and grills
    • Sub-par construction

    #3. JBL GT0939 3-way Black car Coaxial Audio Speaker (Premium)

    JBL GT0939 3

    JBL speaker is always one of the best speakers in the market in terms of sound. The JBL GT0939 3-ways Black car Coaxial Audio speaker comes with both construction quality and sound quality. Seems this is a premium quality speaker it has a specialized Plus one woofer cone with a rubber surround, adjustable mylar-titanium tweeter, and a super tweeter.

    The JBL GT0939 can consume a power peak of up to 300 watts and has an RMS rating of 100 watts and a slime 3-inch mounting depth. Now talking about the sound quality of this speaker it has highs and crisps due to the added super-tweeter and the middle and low frequencies are smooth and deep.

    The JBL GT0939 can handle the high volumes for a very long period without any distortion, but the bass quality may be muddy at high volumes. Remember the premium speaker also comes with a great premium price.

    • Unsurpassed sound and construction quality
    • Specialize Plus One Woofer cones
    • High power rating
    • Adjustable super-tweeter for crisp high
    • Comes with a high price tag
    • Muddy sounding bass at high volumes

    #4. Sony XSFB1330 3-way car Audio Speaker (Premium)

    Sony XSFB1330

    The Sony XSFB1330 3-way speakers from Sony are one of the great options in terms of the 3-way speaker. This speaker is made with a foamed-mica cellular reinforced woofer with a 1-inch polyester tweeter and ¾-inch piezo super-tweeter. This speaker has a rating of 35 watts RMS and 240 watts peak. The Sony XSFB1330 speaker can also pack a punch and provided a rich bass response with clear highs.

    The bass response in this speaker is highly rich and clear but a bit lacking in power, even with the EQ tweaking this will not give you much bass thump at all. Overall the super-tweeter will give you a great high pitch and it’s a value-for-money speaker.

    • Value for money speaker
    • Decent build quality
    • Piezo super-tweeter
    • A bit of lacking in bass response
    • Low power output

    #5. JBL Stage 9603 3-way Coaxial Car Audio Speaker

    JBL Stage 9603

    The JBL Stage 9603 coaxial speaker has amazing features which make an aesthetic that gives this speaker good looks. This speaker can also pack a punch with an RMS rating of 70 watts and a peak power of 210 watts. The JBL Stage is made of a polypropylene woofer cone, it also comes with PEI balanced dome tweeter warms and smooth muddles with crystal-clear highs.

    The sound combination of this speaker also comes with great quality, as with this value-for-money product. Many users report little or no bass response, through distorted, muddy bass at high volumes. Overall this speaker is a great value for money.

    • Value for money product
    • Great-looks
    • Decent power output
    • Poor bass response
    • Thin and tinny sounding without EQ adjustment

    #6. Pioneer TS-A1670F Max 3-way car speaker

    Pioneer TS-A1670F

    The Pioneer TS-A1670F car speaker comes with both amazing looks and great sounding. This speaker has a peak power rating of 320 watts and an RMS rating of 70 watts, which is plenty of power for an average speaker. This woofer in this speaker is made up of a cone from a multilayer mica matrix, which is designed for optimum sound quality and optimum longevity.

    The Pioneer TS-A1670F also has the midrange speaker cone with cellulose fiber and optimum longevity, also the mid-range speaker cone is made up of cellulose fiber and the tweeter is a PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is a hard dome design.

    On the online review platform, we have found that some of the users have also reported that the speaker is distorted even at low volumes and muddy and barely audible bass response and crisp and clear high.

    • Decent power output
    • Bass, middle and high separation
    • Muddy lows
    • Distortion and rattling at high volumes

    #7. Alphasonik AS26 Max 3-way Car Audio Coaxial Speaker

    Alphasonik AS26

    The Alphasonik AS26 Max 3-way Car speaker comes with four sets of speakers and has an RMS rating of 35 watts each, in total, you will get a total TMS output of 140 watts. This will give you plenty of bang for your buck. These speakers also come with universal mounting holes which make them a breeze to install in most factory locations.

    This speaker also has the nifty built-in LED light, but remember that they will need an extra 12-volt line directly to the car battery to power them. One this which is lacking on this speaker is the bass for which you will need EQ tweaking to get them to a good sound.

    Talking to the build quality of the speaker is fairly poor, so they may not last as long as you like.

    • Comes with a set of four speaker
    • LED light inside the cone
    • Value for money product
    • Poor sound quality
    • Lacking in bass response
    • Poor build quality

    #8. Skar Audio TX69 3-way coaxial car speaker

    Skar Audio TX69

    The Skar TX69 3-way speaker is one of the best value-for-money car speakers, this speaker consumes the RMS output of 100 watts per pair and a peak of rating 200 watts. The SK69 is made up of a pulp fiber cone with butyl rubber surrounding it and a 1-inch copper coil. This speaker also has a powerful ferrite magnet with two PEl premium silk dome tweeters which give the tweeter a crisp high frequencies sound.

    The bass, middle, and high in this speaker are also well balanced and will give a decent volume for a relatively low price.

    Pros & Cons

    • Well balance sound output
    • Value for money product
    • Decent volume capability
    • Bigger than the average basket
    • Poor quality control from the factory

    #9. Pair Rockville RV6.3A 3-way audio car speaker

    Pair Rockville RV6.3A

    The pair of Rockville RV6.3A coaxial speakers is also another value-for-money product on our list. This speaker boasts an RMS rating of 140 watts per pair and has a peak rating of 750 watts per pair. The Rockville RV6.3A is made up of a stiff polypropylene woofer cone with a filex motion and butyl rubber surrounding, this speaker has a high of 1.2-inch PEL and the dome tweeter will give crisp and clear high sound.

    Besides all this the speaker also comes with high-quality aluminum voice coils and also speaker grills are included, which will keep the speaker away from the dust for a long period.

    Overall the sound quality of this speaker is not as good as other speakers from this price range, with the muddy bass and tinny high, it also has a low power rating.

    • Affordable price
    • Speaker grills included
    • Poor overall sound quality
    • Muddy bass response
    • Low power output
    • Poor build quality

    #10. Kenwood KFC-1796PS 3-way car coaxial speaker

    Kenwood KFC-1796PS

    The KFC-1796PS 3-way car speaker comes with a combined peak power rating of 330 watts. The main impressive feature of this speaker is that it has a water-resistant woofer cone with a rubber surround. The KFC-1796PS has a high 1.56-inch paper cone tweeter and a 0.50-inch super tweeter, it also has the grills to keep the speaker free from dust and damage.

    The woofer of this speaker provides enough bass and the tweeter for high frequencies but you will not be getting any dedicated middle-range speaker, so with the distinct lack of mid-clarity, the low power rating in this speaker will not provide much volume. This speaker also lacks bass output.

    • Value for money
    • Included grills
    • Poor sound quality
    • Lacking in bass response
    • Will distort if pushed too hard

    3 ways car audio speaker buyer guide

    A 3-way speaker is a great option if you are looking to upgrade from your standard factory-installed speaker. If you choose the right speaker with decent sound quality you can get the best speaker for your car without taking up too much space in the car. If you buy a set of 3-way speakers you can get a decent bass, and a smooth and clear middle-range sound quality.

    Remember there are several important factors to consider while buying a 3-way car speaker.

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