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Best 24-hour challenges ideas for YouTube in 2022

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    Best 24-hour challenges ideas for YouTube: Are you running out of ideas for your YouTube channel, or are you looking for your YouTube content? If so then you must try these amazing 24-hour challenges ideas for YouTube.

    YouTube 24-hour challenges are not only popular nowadays you can also have super fun by taking these challenges with your viewer, you also have the freedom to do whatever you want with them. You can go crazy as much as you can!

    In this blog, I have mentioned my favorite 10 challenge ideas for your YouTube channel which also work well in 2022.

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    What is a 24-Hours Challenge?

    Before you go for the 24-hour challenges, first let us know what 24-hour challenges are 24-hour challenges is a timed competition through which you can enter to work on a project or to complete any activity related to your ideas and interest.

    In this challenge, you have a time-stamp of 24 hours to complete and upload your progress, on which another member of the challenge will then vote and decide whether you have completed it in time.

    Once all the member of the competition completes their challenges, the winner of the competition will be decided on who finished the project in time and also how much effort they put into it.

    24-hour challenges ideas

    Here are the lists of my best and favorite 24-hour challenge ideas which you can also do at home for your YouTube content!

    #1. The 24-Hour Challenge in Target

    So, in my lists. The 24-Hour Challenge is the best idea and this is the most popular challenge and iconic challenge currently on YouTube.

    Under this challenge, participating required a lot of planning and staying on the DL for as long as possible to ensure none of the employees catch you while they are closing.

    Here, you will need to hide as much as you can and stay in a stealthy mood, you can also hide in the bathrooms or on the shelves. The only thing you need to do is you have to stay out of sight.

    #2. The 24-Hour Challenge Underwater

    This is the mode difficult challenge I have ever seen on YouTube, till now only one YouTuber has completed this 24-hour challenge idea so far, and that’s MrBeast.

    In this 24-hour underwater challenge, he killed this challenge. So if you have the right equipment to attempt this challenge then you must try this idea.

    To date, MrBeast is the only YouTuber who dares to challenge this idea with over 96 million views. You can also hands-down get a lot of views on your video for attempting this idea on your channel.

    #3. 24-Hour Eating Only Blue Foods

    Have you ever heard of this challenge, yes! This 24-hour challenge also exes. In this challenge, you can choose any of your favorite colors such as Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, etc. but the challenge is that you are allowed to eat only the color food you choose for an entire day.

    If you think this challenge is easy, you will be surprised to see what food you can’t eat. I can already imagine a lot of food with my favorite color, this challenge doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

    What do you think? Do you think you could last?

    #4. 24 Hours in a Toilet Paper Fort

    If you still need a tough challenge you can go with this idea. This 24-hour challenge is very similar to the above mention 24-hour challenge but slightly elevated.

    In this challenge, you will need to build a paper towel fort behind the shelves at one of your local grocery stores and live in them for 24 hours without getting caught.

    Hmm! You must be thinking this is an easy challenge, but let me remind you that MoreJStu started this epic challenge back in the day with only a couple of YouTube channels being successful at staying hidden for the entire 24 hours.

    #5. 24-Hour Bathroom Challenge

    Have you ever thought of sleeping in your bathroom? Yes! In this challenge you will need to sit and sleep in your bathtub for 24-hour, this is the challenge.

    In this 24-hour challenge what you need to do is, grab your pillows, your laptop, and some blankets and remain in your bathroom for 24 hours.

    If you manage to make your bathroom bed for 24-hour you win! Is the only challenge.

    #6. 24-Hour Living in a Car

    I know already most people already living in their cars, but the whole point is do you think you can last for 24 hours in a cramped car with others and not be able to leave?

    Already many YouTubers have made a challenge on this idea, according to them, this is the hardest challenge to complete because there wasn’t much room to stretch out and make yourself comfortable.

    However, in this challenge, you are also allowed to drive around to any location you want and also still be able to get food and drinks from your favorite drive-thru restaurant.

    #7. 24 Hours in the Pool

    What do you think can you complete this 24-hour challenge living in the pool for 24 hours? If so, be ready with your favorite floaty and hit the pool for the next 24 hours.

    I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers buy inflatable pools to use instead of an air mattress, so they have more room.

    Yes! This is one of the easy challenges, you can also perform this challenge for your YouTube channel and get more views on your channel.

    #8. 24 Hours in the Ocean

    Here comes another similar 24-hour living on the pool challenge, but this is a much header challenge as compared to the pool challenge.

    Just make sure you tie your floaty to something on the land; we wouldn’t want you getting lost at sea –although that would be some good content if I do say so myself.

    #9. Saying Yes for 24 Hours

    This is a crazy challenge. What do you think can you say yes to someone for the next 24 hours? Choose one or two friends to delegate you to do for the next 24 hours without saying no even once.

    In this 24-hour challenge, you will have to say only Yes to everyone. Also, the current video on YouTube doing this one is getting a lot of views, so you should think about this one!

    #10. 24 Hours No Electronics

    This 24-hour challenge can be easy and also can be difficult for some, as nowadays we are all addicted to social media and our phones.

    In this 24-hour challenge, you have to lock all your electronic devices away for 24-hour and stay disconnected from all social media for the next 24 hours.

    You never know you might like the peace for a change!

    Final Thoughts

    Here I have mentioned all my favorite 24-hour challenge ideas which you can challenge and make a video for your YouTube content, this challenge idea are currently traded on the internet! So you must try it.

    It does not matter what content you publicize on the internet, you can get a lot of views with these challenges. Also, I will be updating more 24-hours challenges ideas in this article! So keep following my blog.

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