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ClickFunnels Pricing 2022 [55% OFF]: Does Monthly Cost Worth? Check Out Cost Per Month

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    ClickFunnels Pricing Plans 2022: How much does ClickFunnels cost per month? How would you grab ClickFunnels Pricing the best deal?

    ClickFunnels is one of the best-known sales funnel tools, its primary focus is to enable you to make unlimited funnels more efficient & faster.

    Also, based on the fact that the core goal of any business is to generate profit and considering how much revenue ClickFunnels can bring to the table, is it worth your investment?

    The sales funnel, in place of your website, is the call of the hour. And software like Clickfunnels assists you in making this sale funnel.

    ClickFunnels Pricing

    ClickFunnels Pricing Summaries

    Category ClickFunnels Pricing
    Product Name ClickFunnels
    ClickFunnels Cost $97 per month to $297 per month
    ClickFunnels Discount 6 Months ClickFunnels Platinum + Bonuses For Only $1997
    ClickFunnels Free Trial 14-Day Free Trial
    Training Free Webinar

    ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

    ClickFunnels has the following pricing plans to choose from:

    • ClickFunnels Standard Plan Costs – $97 per month
    • ClickFunnels Platinum Plan Costs – $297 per month
    • ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secrets 6 Months Costs – $1997
    • ClickFunnels Funnel Builder Secrets 12 Months Costs – $2997

    Clickfunnels Features

    Clickfunnels are still one of the top preferences among entrepreneurs while creating their funnels.

    Why choose Clickfunnels when there are alternatives present in the market? Here are the exciting features of Clickfunnels:

    1. User-friendly:

    With the advancement of technology, the assumed complexity of the software has also advanced.

    Clickfunnels understands our anxiety and thus, is extremely user-friendly.

    In Clickfunnels, you can customize and modify your sales funnel via simple steps.

    Remember, Clickfunnels is there to simplify your work, not make it more hazardous.

    1. Shopping cart feature:

    The shopping cart feature in Clickfunnels provides guides to your customers just like the ones you get while visiting a new tourist destination.

    So, you as an entrepreneur have to arrange for skilled people to take up the responsibility of leading your customers through their journey with your sales funnel.

    Don’t confuse this shopping cart feature with the shopping cart you find in your Amazon account just because it sounds similar.

    1. Customer services

    Customers now day click funnels have a huge number of alternatives when it comes to online sales.

    So, if you falter at providing your best customer services, they will simply just walk out of your sales funnel, no matter how appealing your products are.

    Thus, your primary concern should be about how to enhance your customer services and be the best in it in the entire market.

    Clickfunnels have emails and live chat facilities for your customers to resolve their issues at the earliest.

    They too have a VIP calling feature but this feature is only reserved for the customers who pay for their membership.

    1. Email marketing management strategy

    Now, it’s not possible for you to personally remind every visitor to your sales funnel about your latest offers, discounts, and what they are missing.

    So, if you can’t email them one by one, someone has to take this responsibility.

    All you need now is an email management system that generates emails automatically.

    Clickfunnels is equipped with this tool and has an in-built CRM. CRMs of Clickfunnels are called Automatics.

    1. Templates feature

    Templates are becoming the bricks of modern-day digital platforms.

    Clickfunnels provides you with a huge multitude of options in the case of templates.

    You are also allowed to modify and remake templates according to your will.

    1. Funnelflix feature

    Learning and enhancing business skills and intelligence is what we call the secret mantra behind any successful Multinational Corporation (MNC).

    In this competitive online business marketing, you have to push your horizons by learning from prolific business minds.

    Clickfunnels have come up with a feature known as Funnelflix to aid you in this regard.

    This feature offers you a massive variety of online training courses.

    These courses shape the knowledge and skill required for the success of your business.

    They also provide new strategies and the methods to implement them.

    1. Marketing Features

    Now, what is a marketing platform that doesn’t have marketing features itself?

    Clickfunnels will not disappoint you in this regard as it has a few marketing features.

    The marketing features available in Clickfunnels are: –

    • One-click upsells and down sells.
    • One-time offers (OTO)
    1. Split Testing feature

    This is an extremely amazing feature that aids you in increasing your conversion from a low rate to a high rate.

    In any business, this feature is indispensable.

    This improves your sales funnels a lot.

    A/B testing of pages, videos, images, etc. is available on Clickfunnels.

    ClickFunnels Pricing Plans: My Honest Review 2022

    If you think of business as a television channel, then money can be aptly called the remote which controls its off-on.

    Thus, as a business owner, your aim should be to minimize your expenses and maximize your gain as much as possible.

    Clickfunnels is part of your investment.

    So go through the pricing of the various plans available in Clickfunnels and then decide to plan out your budget.

    ClickFunnels Standard Plan at $97/Month

    This plan doesn’t come with many features as you are only limited to 20 funnels. You will also enjoy sharing your funnels with others. The Standard plan doesn’t also come with an email marketing tool, which is crucial for making your sales funnels profitable.

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    Features you will get from this pricing option include:

    • 20,000 monthly visitors
    • Limited to only 100 landing pages
    • Unlimited leads
    • 3 custom domains
    • 3 payment gateways
    • Optin funnels
    • A/B split testing
    • Sales funnels
    • Auto-Webinar funnels
    • Membership sales funnels
    • 1 SMTP integration
    • Order, Upsell, and Downsell pages
    • Funnel hacker forum (private)
    • FunnelFlix (limited access)
    • Chat support

    ClickFunnels Platinum Plan at $297/Month

    If you are running a marketing agency you are probably going to benefit from the Platinum plan with unlimited sales funnels, landing pages, and follow-up funnels as well as managing 9 domains just from one platform. This plan also comes with an Affiliate tool to enable you to track your affiliate and manage commissions.

    Features for the Platinum pricing option include all the start-up plan features plus:

    • Unlimited landing pages, unique visitors, contact leads
    • 9 custom domains
    • Access to follow-up funnels (build email lists, automation)
    • 9 payment gateways
    • Weekly peer review hackathons
    • Priority support via chat

    ClickFunnels Collective Pricing Plan at $1,497/Month

    This plan covers almost all your marketing needs. If you are a high-level marketer or experienced business owner, then ClickFunnels collective plan is right for you since it was designed for advanced ClickFunnels users.

    For the Collective plan, you can do anything from running an eCommerce to creating digital products and even hosting events. This plan is also flexible regarding creating unlimited offers, scale, and growth.

    ClickFunnels 14 Days FREE Trial

    When people are asking how much click funnels costs then it is also wise to check if they offer any free trial before paying full each month here at ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, however, you will have to sign up with your credit card details.

    A quick recap of what you receive during your 14 days free trial:

    • Funnel Hacker Forums
    • Book Funnels Templates
    • Book Funnels Templates
    • Webinar Funnels Templates
    • 14-Day Trial to Click Funnels
    • High Ticket Funnels Templates
    • Product Launch Funnels Templates
    • Ad Skills ($498 value)
    • Product Secrets ($97 value)
    • Funnel Builder Secrets ($1,997 value)
    • 100+ Funnel Templates ($1,997 value)
    • Tony Robbins Private Collection ($997 value)

    Comparison Of 3 Plains of Clickfunnels

    Features Basic Plain Platinum plain Two comma club x plain
    Sharing of funnels Share as many funnels as you want Same as Basic Plan Same as Basic Plan
    Decorating and building sales funnels You can use Clickfunnel’s appealing templates to create awesome funnels with this plan. But you are limited to 20 funnels. This plan grants you the freedom of creating as many funnels as you want. Unlimited funnel creations are possible just like in the case of the platinum click funnels cheapest plan
    No sub-users you can create Only one sub-user can be created using this click funnels basic plan. 3 sub-users are allowed in the Platinum Plan. As many as 10 sub-users can be created in this plan. The more the number of sub-users, the greater the work organization.
    Availability of follow-up funnels. Not available in this plan. This is a great disadvantage as once your customer has left the funnel; you can’t contact him/her again. That customer is lost from your side. Unlimited follow-up funnels are allowed which makes it quite a lucrative plan. Just like in Platinum Plan, in this plan too, unlimited follow-up funnels are available.
    Several payment gateways are available. In this basic plan, only 3 payment gateways are available. In this platinum plan, 9 payment gateways are available. In this plan, as many as 27 payment gateways are available. This enormous diversity of payment gateways makes this plan quite alluring.
    Domains allowed Only 3 different domains are allowed in this basic plan. 9 domains are allowed in this plan. 27 different domains are allowed in this plan.
    Funnelflix This amazing feature is available in this Basic plan. In this plan, apart from what is available in the basic plan, there is an additional training and courses option Here apart from what is available in Platinum Plan, a much greater number of courses and mind-blowing business development skills can be learned.
    Sub-pages within Funnels. You can create up to 100 sub-pages in your funnels. No restrictions are here in this plan. Go create as many enthralling sub-pages in your funnels as you can. No restrictions are present just like in the case of the Platinum plan.
    Chat support feature This feature is present in this basic plan. A chat support feature is present in this plan along with priority support. Here you get VIP call support along with priority support. Clear your problems in seconds!
    Official website Get Clickfunnels Basic Plain Get Clickfunnels Platinum Plain Get Clickfunnels Two Comma Club X plain

    Offers Available on The Free Trial Clickfunnels Plan Pricing

    Yes, you heard that right! Clickfunnels is kind enough to grant you an alluring offer on your free clickfunnels trial plan too.

    So don’t be hesitant to lay your hands on this golden offer.

    This offer is known as the Secret Masterclass Workshop Bundle.

    Let’s know everything about this offer.

    ClickFunnels Pricing

    Secret Masterclass Workshop Bundle offer includes the features which are stated below: –

    • This offer grants you a Platinum plan for 6 months.
    • There is a 30-day
    • clickfunnel’s trial challenge is known as the Free One Funnel away.
    • You can learn free ad skills or free traffic secrets.
    • There is a 10x Secrets Mastery Program.
    • You can also access free Virtual Daily Funnels Hack-a-thons.
    • Last but not least, this plan grants you access to Funnel Flix for free.

    ClickFunnels 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    This feature allows you to try any ClickFunnels plan you choose and for any reason, you find out that ClickFunnels is not your desired tool, within the 30 days of payment and use, then you can easily request a refund of your money, or downgrade to a lower plan.

    Canceling is easy since you can just do it in your account section in a simple process.

    ClickFunnels Pros & Cons

    I wanted to also do a quick breakdown of the ClickFunnels pros & cons of using the software. So, here you go!

    • Best sales funnel builder on the market
    • intuitive funnel creation with drag & drop
    • easily share funnels with anyone
    • an amazing affiliate program with 40% commissions
    • software is frequently updated and improved
    • integrate with tons of email autoresponders
    • integrate with payment providers
    • lots of funnel templates to choose from
    • 14-day free trial
    • funnel stats are usually incorrect
    • limit to funnel amount and visitor count on Start-up Plan
    • can be intimidating to learn at first


    What happens after my free trial in Clickfunnels is over?

    After your free click funnels trial is over, the cost of the plan will be deducted automatically if you forget to delete your account before it expires. Remember the trial period is up to 14 days.

    If visitors exceed the mentioned count in my Basic Plan, what happens?

    After 20,000 visitors, you will not be granted any credit for referrals because of the affiliate badge.

    Which ClickFunnels Pricing Plan is Best for Your Business

    I recommend Platinum Plan since, at only $297, you will get the following benefits:

    • Unlimited Access to Its Features: This plan enables you to create unlimited sales funnels, traffic, and pages for your business.
    • This plan is where you will get access to a built-in email marketing system that enables you to connect with all your leads and buyers directly within your sales funnels.
    • The platinum plan also gives you full control over your affiliate program management tool called Backpack, which is not part of the Starter plan.

    How much does ClickFunnels cost per month?

    There are two ClickFunnels plans to choose from at $97 per month and $297 per month.  I recommend getting started with the $97 per month plan to start earning money with the funnels you make.

    Once you’re starting to see a steady profit, then I’d recommend going and upgrading to ClickFunnels Platinum.

    What can ClickFunnels do?

    ClickFunnels can build complex sales funnels quickly and intuitively.

    What is Russell Brunson’s net worth?

    According to Astrogrowth, Russell Brunson has a net worth of $37 Million.

    Final Verdict

    In this article, I have tried to cover all the necessary details retailed to the click funnels pricing plans as well as the features of various plans available in Clickfunnels.

    Now, you as a business owner have to pick the right wood for your furniture.

    That is, I mean to say that you have to choose the cheapest plan clickfunnels which you need will prove to be the most profitable for your business.

    If you are sincerely confused between the plans, you can go for different plans in different months and then judge by your net profit.

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