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The main purpose of our site Trinkiobee is to write and publish on various topics. The purpose of writing this blog by us is only to provide information to the general public. All the information published on this is Diwali information but the responsibility of the correctness of the subject is not of this site. The purpose of the site is to give information to its readers on various topics, but the authors of this site do not have the knowledge of whether this information is complete or not or how accurate and accurate it is, so it is not able to take responsibility for the Diwali content. Do not write any of your personal IDs like Aadhar card number, bank account details, or mobile number in the comment box of the website. We can’t reply to every single comment, message.

If you treat this Diwali blog as official information or use it as an official reference, then only you and yours will be responsible for the good and bad consequences coming from it. Trinkiobee will not take any responsibility for any kind of result, that is, it is a humble request to the readers that they should not consider the information published on Trinkiobee to be officially true. We request all our readers who come to this site to have a complaint or query related to any scheme, you go to the website of the department or officer related to the scheme, and write your problem there.

To give all the information on various topics, links to other sites are given on Trinkiobee, which you can see as external links, we try to give you the link of the right site, but we will not take responsibility for this. . Trinkiobee will also not be responsible for the correctness of the information written on other sites. And also when you go to any other site from Trinkiobee, keep in mind that that site will have its own terms and policy for which Trinkiobee will not be responsible.