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Freedom Breakthrough Review Price: Is It Worth Buying in 2022? Read it Before Purchasing

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    Freedom Breakthrough Review 2022: Is Jonathan Montoyas Course Worth buying in 2022? Read it Before Purchasing.

    Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review: Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is an Affiliate Marketing training\course by Johnathan Montoya. If you want to learn Affiliate Marketing then this Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review is a perfect choice.

    Is the Freedom Breakthrough course worth it?

    Wondering if you should invest your hard-earned money in Freedom Breakthrough?

    I would say HOLD ON a bit, and read this review to see what youll get out of this affiliate marketing course

    There is no better option for a complete affiliate marketing course than the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 program by Johnathan Montoya.

    This training will teach you proven and working affiliate marketing strategies which have helped many people to start making $1000/month from affiliate marketing.

    By investing just $7, you are going to get a 3-day detailed training that will help you to get access to advanced affiliate marketing strategies which helped Jonathan Montoya to leave his engineering job and become a full-time affiliate marketer.

    To help you make a more informed decision, I have thoroughly researched the Freedom Breakthrough so I can tell you more about it.

    Note: Im not affiliated with Freedom Breakthrough. It means Im not paid to write this review. So, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

    Freedom Breakthrough Review


    Freedom Breakthrough Review Overview

    Course:Freedom Breakthrough 2.0
    👨‍💻 CreatorJonathan Montoya
    📈 FrameworkAffiliate Stacking Ecosystem
    💲 PriceOne-time payment of $1,497 or 3 payments of $597
    📽 Pre-Training3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge for $7
    💰 Affiliate Program75% Commission - Up to $1,122.75 per sale (Join Here)

    What is Freedom Breakthrough?

    The Freedom Breakthrough was developed by Jonathan Montoya, a thriving Internet entrepreneur, and is an affiliate marketing course.

    The training is based on the method Jonathan used to go from being penniless to bringing in six figures through online means in just nine months.

    The 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge also known as the 3-Day Freedom Breakthrough Challenge is a 3 days training program by Jonathan Montoya where you will learn how to build and launch your first online business.

    You will come to know about his 3-step system, the exact formula that he implemented to build his own profitable affiliate marketing business and allowed him to quit his 9-5 job that he hated in just 9 months.

    To put it simply, the information provided in this challenge can be considered as the brief of the bigger picture i.e., Freedom Breakthrough 2.0.

    Compared to the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 full course which demands more time and money, the 3-Day Freedom Breakthrough Challenge is an amazing bargain for beginners.

    This course will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing, including how to set up a website and a sales funnel to begin promoting the goods and services of others.

    Everything from identifying a marketable niche to creating a website and sales funnel to attracting free and paid visitors and monetizing your efforts through affiliate marketing is covered in Jonathan Montoyas comprehensive guide.

    This must be real, right? But how do you know that Freedom Breakthrough is not a fraud?

    Who is Jonathan Montoya?

    Jonathan Montoya is the creator and owner of Freedom Breakthrough.

    Freedom Breakthrough Review

    He claims he hated his 9-5 job and wanted to be closer to his family and watch his daughter grow up. So, he decided to try out affiliate marketing.

    Within 9 months, he started making a ton of money with affiliate marketing, which is why he quit his engineering job to make affiliate marketing his full-time job. Now Affiliate marketing has allowed him to make over $20k every month.

    He was able to pay off his debts, quit his day job, and devote himself full-time to his online endeavors as a result of his success.

    Affiliate marketing appears to be the main topic of his videos, which have between a few hundred and a few thousand views each.

    If youre not sure about Jonathans course and teaching, it would be a good idea to subscribe to his Passive Income Lifestyles channel and watch a few free videos first, especially if youre a beginner.

    As youre about to see in my review, Freedom Breakthrough is legit but expensive. Consequently, you should probably take a look at the no-cost affiliate marketing course first.

    Jonathan Montoya appears to be a genuine person. The fact that he is so involved in the online community through means other than his course gives him a lot of credibility in my eyes.

    What Is Inside Freedom Breakthrough 3 Days Challenge?

    Freedom Breakthrough Review

    3-Days Business Breakthrough Challenge

    The value of the Jonathan Montoya course is beyond my imagination. Jonathan shared many value nuggets along with Bonuses and Funnels (He even allowed you to copy his exact funnel in a few clicks.)

    If you are thinking that Freedom Breakthrough Challenge 2.0 Full course is not right for you then you can enroll in this short 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge at just $7.

    The Freedom Breakthrough members area is divided into 12 modules that can take you from beginner to 6-figure affiliate marketer GUARANTEED (more on this later).

    The course can help you create a full-time online business from scratch if you implement the training inside.

    If you are not sure whether Freedom Breakthrough Challenge 2.0 Full course is right for you or not then you can enroll in his 3-day Freedom Breakthrough challenge which will cost you only $7.

    Believe me, by spending just $7 on this Freedom Breakthrough 3-days challenge, youll get value worth $500+ with some exclusive bonus and done-for-you funnels.

    Here are the contents of the 3 Days Challenge:

    Day 1: How This 3- Step System Will Allow You Quit Job & Achieve Complete Freedom.

    • On the first day, Jonathan talks about
    • His journey as an affiliate marketer and how he left 9-5 jobs.
    • Information about affiliate marketing.
    • His advanced Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem to get sales on daily basis.
    • Niche selection, free traffic, paid traffic, and many more valuable things.
    • He Shared his students results who are earning $1000+ daily with this challenge.

    So, all in one on Day 1 is value-packed.

    Day 2: Build Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel in the right way

    On Day 2, hell show build an entire affiliate marketing funnel in front of you and give you access to his funnel template so you dont need to waste hours on setting up all these things.

    • Inside Day 2 Jonathan shared how you can get access to his funnel template so that you can copy-paste and need not have to waste time creating for you. Also, he even builds an entire funnel in front of you and explains how it works.
    • How to find the perfect product to promote.
    • Setting your affiliate marketing funnel with the free and paid tools.
    • Email Marketing Setup& Automation: how to set up an email marketing ecosystem and automation, so that in the backend once you capture customer email addresses, the system will work for you and make money on autopilot, plus you can promote many other supporting offers.

    Day 3: How to Get Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel

    On Day 3, youll get complete training from Jonathan about traffic strategy. Hell show you some advanced traffic strategies which he uses to drive traffic to his affiliate marketing funnel.

    • Advanced traffic strategies that Jonathan uses to drive traffic to his affiliate marketing funnel.
    • He talks about a partnership with him so that you can promote his course and earn a 50% commission.
    • Traffic lessons on, Facebook organic traffic, YouTube Traffic Strategy, Paid Traffic like Google Ads, Drive traffic, & sales via Tiktok.


    • Access to Facebook community and Support along with many more resources.
    • You can become an affiliate partner of this Freedom Breakthrough Course so that you can promote this course and make a commission as an Affiliate.
    • Get Access to his White Label Funnel and eBook as a Lead Magnet.

    So, this 3-Day Freedom Breakthrough Challenge is value for money and is around $1000. For now, you can enroll in it at just $7 with a Bonus.

    So, what are you waiting for? Go and access this 3 Freedom breakthrough challenge to make money online.

    You can upgrade to the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 if earlier you enrolled in just 3 Days Freedom Breakthrough Challenge.

    Who Is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Course For?

    Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 course is for anyone who wants to learn how to build a real affiliate marketing business so they can be free from the 9-5 grind.

    The program features lots of full-time super affiliates so its great for those who want to shorten the learning curve and get results fast.

    Freedom Breakthrough is for those who are ready to put in the work and be persistent.

    The course is not cheap - so if you are on a tight budget, you can start with Jonathan Montoyas 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge for just $7 and I am sure nothing will stop you from there.

    If you are new to affiliate marketing, the challenge will teach you the basics of online marketing and help you make your first high ticket commission online.

    Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review

    Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is a fully-fledged affiliate marketing course designed by Jonathan Montoya that will teach you how to set up a successful affiliate marketing business, make passive income online, and say goodbye to your 9-to-5 office job.

    The course is highly comprehensive, divided into 12 modules, and contains only ACTIONABLE steps that are sufficient to learn everything from scratch to earn a decent income every single month.

    And…in this Freedom Breakthrough review, I will be covering in-depth details about Freedom Breakthrough modules, bonuses, pricing, pros, cons, and a lot more.

    Freedom Breakthrough Review

    Freedom Breakthrough Pricing?

    Now you must be wondering how much you have to pay to become a part of this HIHG TICKET affiliate marketing course, right?

    Well, coming to the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 price, you will be charged a one-time fee of $1,497.

    Wait! If youre not comfortable paying the full amount in one go, you can always take advantage of their EMI facility to pay in three easy installments.

    Most importantly, youre covered with a 14-day money-back guarantee. This means if youre not happy with your investment you have 14 days to get a full refund of $1497!

    But, its better to go with Freedom Breakthrough 3 Day Challenge first which costs ONLY $7. And if you find it interesting and helpful, then only invest in the full course without any hesitation.

    Can This Challenge Help You Get Success in Affiliate Marketing?

    Well, its all up to YOU!

    People from all over the world have seen great results by utilizing the information provided in the Freedom Breakthrough Challenge.

    So, if youre ready to put effort and invest your time in learning the right strategies, no one can stop you from being a successful affiliate marketer.

    But the fact is, no course or affiliate marketer guarantees that you will start earning that much amount after finishing the course. In case you find such a guarantee, I would advise you to dont get into false promises.

    Because in the end, its all about your actions & execution.

    Now, coming back to the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 specifically, the strategies shared by Jonathan in this course are the same strategies that helped him to generate HUGE passive income, and interestingly his students are also getting MASSIVE results.

    Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Course Pros & Cons

    Well, its time to highlight the positive as well as the negative sides of this course so that you can make your decision accordingly.

    • Its a very well-crafted step-by-step affiliate marketing course that makes it a perfect fit for everyone including beginners
    • Its from a legitimate affiliate marketer, Jonathan Montoya
    • Included both free and paid traffic sources
    • FREE bonuses worth thousands of dollars ($11,067)
    • Youre allowed to pay in 3 monthly installments of $597
    • 14 days refund policy is there
    • You will be getting continuous updates with fresh material lifetime for free
    • 75% commission on all Jonathans products
    • Access to Private Facebook Community where you can get free training from super-affiliates
    • Weekly group call to ask your questions to Jonathan Montoya
    • 3-Day Challenge Course with White Label rights to use as your own and earn 100% profits
    • Get his 6-figure funnel, video scripts, and eBooks for free
    • Complementary training from 5 other super-affiliates
    • Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is quite expensive for newbies
    • The refund policy is not transparent

    Grab My Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Bonuses

    Did my Freedom Breakthrough review get you excited to join this exclusive program?

    Then, why not get some extra resources and support on your affiliate marketing journey with my exclusive Freedom Breakthrough bonuses?

    I believe in Jonathan Montoya - I love what he has created and I have seen how it has changed lots of lives and businesses, and I know it can change yours as well…

    Thats why my bonuses are focused on helping you achieve the success you want in your online business with Freedom Breakthrough.

    Below are the tools and resources you get for free when you sign up with my affiliate link:

    • Bonus #1: One Year Software-in-a-Box Membership Access - Get access to a bundle of useful, value-packed software products that you can give away as bonuses ($1,997/year value).
    • Bonus #2: One Year GoHighLevel Starter Account Access - This is a complete online marketing software that gives you a funnel builder, email marketing automation, membership sites, a shopping cart, and more ($997/year value).
    • Bonus #2: One Year ELMessenger PRO Account Access: This is the best Facebook automation software to help generate unlimited free leads and sales from Facebook on autopilot ($497/year value).
    • Bonus #3: One Year ELMOptimizer PRO Account Access: This is an all-in-one web analytics tool that helps you track your users journey, replay sessions, collect heatmaps & lots more ($497/year value).
    • Bonus #4: One Year ELMLink PRO Account Access: This is a link-tracking software that lets you shorten and track your affiliate links. It also lets you create personalized and easily customizable pages ($290/year value).
    • Bonus #5: One Year ELMatic PRO Account Access: This is a web application thatll help you show notifications on your funnels to increase your conversions ($497/per year value).
    • Bonus #6: CF Share Funnel Library PRO: A list of over 45 high-converting ClickFunnels share funnels that you can import directly into your ClickFunnels account ($97 Value).
    • Bonus #7: Ultimate List of High-Ticket Affiliate Programs + White Label Rights: Get a list of over 130+ affiliate offers that pay lifetime recurring commissions ($97 Value).
    • Bonus #8: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library + White Label Rights: Get a compilation of the exact Facebook Ads of 40 top internet marketers ($97 Value).
    • Bonus #9: Mentorship and Unlimited FB Chat/Email Support: I will guide you until your high-ticket affiliate marketing business surpasses how much you earn in your 9-5 job (PRICELESS)

    My bonuses will save you so much time and provide a ton of value with a minimal amount of effort on your part. Plus, I guarantee they will help you achieve more success in your online business.

    To get your bonuses, check out my Freedom Breakthrough bonuses page for more information on the bonuses and instructions on how to get access to the bonuses.


    Is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 worth it?

    For sure this course is worth it if you are ready to take action and serious about making money with affiliate marketing. Its not a typical course, its beyond that; a kind of hand-holding course that teaches you how to implement and scale affiliate marketing.

    Is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 a scam or a legit program?

    No, Freedom breakthrough is not a scam. You will find Jonathan Montoya is a well-known expert in affiliate marketing. With Freedom Breakthrough 2.0, he has shared excellent strategies to teach you everything to make money that helped him to quit 9-5 Jobs. There is an awesome Facebook community, email support, and a network of like-minded folks to help you inside the group once you join this course.

    Who is Johnathan Montoya?

    Johnathan Montoya is a well-known affiliate marketer, and founder of the YouTube channel Passive Income Lifestyle and Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Course. He is into affiliate marketing for more than 2 years now.

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