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Jamo s809 review Music System: 2022 Home Cinema Pack | Sound & Vision

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    Jamo s809 review 2022: Pros & Cons

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    Jamo s809 review

    Are you looking for the best sound quality Home cinema Speaker? Here we have brought you the latest Jamos speaker series studio 8 series, which includes a series of affordable floor-standing, bookshelf, and center channel speakers. The Jamo s809 music system consists of a pair of floor-standing speakers, a pair of s801 bookshelf speakers for surround tasks, and an s81 horizontal center unit.

    Today here we will discuss the full review of the Jamo s809 music system for your home, so if you are looking for more information about this music system keep reading the full review.

    So here is my review, the Jamo s809 is a great speaker. I did a lot of research and both these music systems are for my personal use, my setup is modern for an open floor plan kitchen at the back of the room added the Dolby Jamo s8 ATMs also work like a champ. My application is mainly movie surround sound, this speaker also provides lots of great sound punch as connected to the Sub Jamo C912, center s83 for the perfect upfront, and I am personally very much happy with the product.

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    Jamo s809 specification

    Model Jamo s809
    Frequency Response 37Hz- 26kHz (+/- 3dB)
    Sensitivity 90dB (20.83V @ 1m)
    Power Handling120W / 240W
    Impedance 8Ohm
    High-Frequency Driver 25mm (1) Soft Dome Tweeter
    Low-Frequency Driver 3 x 127mm (5) Polyfiber Woofers
    Speaker Enclosure MDF
    Enclosure Type Bass Reflex via Front Firing Slot Port
    Inputs Single Binding Posts (Main / Height)
    Finish Black, Walnut, White
    Dimensions 1042mm x 191mm x 252mm 41 x 7052 x 9.9
    Features Dolby Atmos Ready Connections Points, 3 Aluminized Polyfiber Woofers, 1 Soft Dome Tweeter
    Weight30Ib (13.6 kg)

    Jamo s809 review

    The Jamo s809 home music system is a wide unit woofer with a floor standing up to 6.5 inches and follows the best practices of contemporary sound engineering to achieve the best performance. The configuration of the speaker also extends up to three woofers upwards to merge with the tweeter, and at the same time all the other units at the low-frequency end work unanimously and unimpeded.

    There are also many advantages to the design, the main advantage is the directivity mode which I also personally love it. This design will help you a lot to reduce additional unit interferences which are more likely similar to the traditional two-way speaker unit while still maximizing the surface area and other drivers to meet more stringent bass output requirements.

    Also, each speaker uses a very low-frequency reflection technology, which will prevent you from more malleable low-frequency sound effects. So with the help of this technology, even the low frequency of the Jamo s809 speaker can drive up to 37 Hz.

    Looking into the design of the Jamo s809 home music system it has a 1-inch soft dome tweeter, seems the studio S series speakers use the same speaker unit, the Jamo s8 series sound has also a very similar sound characteristic, the tweeter can also deduce the high-pitched sound effects up to 26kHz.

    Jamo s809 Compatible with Dolby Atoms

    The Jamo s809 music system and its design have a standing speaker to be compatible with the panoramic sound format. Seems the Dolby Atoms format has become more and more popular the speaker is equipped with a connection port for the installation of Dolby Atoms compounds so that users can connect with the optional Jamo s8 ATM overhead panoramic sound speaker.

    The Jamo s809 has already two sets of binding posts for the connection, the bottom binding post is also used to connect the speaker and the amplifiers. Also, the above head binding post is used to connect the optional s8 ATM Dolby Atoms components. If you look on the top panel of the Jamo s809 floor-standing speaker, there you will also find the patented connection contacts for powering the optional s8 ATM panoramic sound assembly.

    Seems with the simple design eliminates you will need to install a ceiling speakers wire at a high place, which may also ruin the elegant lines of the music system, this does not mean that there will be four small holes on the top panel of the s809 floor-standing speaker without using the Atmos module, this only means that the s8 ATM cannot be used with any other system.

    Jamo s809 Subwoofer review s810

    The Jamo 9810 Sub Subwoofer used a 10 synthetic fiber cone speaker unit driven by a Class D Amplifier, this system has a peak power of up to 105w, and its frequency response is 36Hz to 180 Hz which is also an adjustable high-pass filter is installed.

    Also, the Jamo S810 Sub Woofer has a very long low-frequency reflection box with a long and narrow, thin-shaped guide hold which radiates backward. This design is also used to eliminate the noise generated by the airflow during high-volume playback. The Jamo s810 subwoofer can also be set to automatic start when it detects an input signal, other adjustable subwoofer settings are also quite classic such as the phase adjustment, high-pass filter adjustment (40Hz- 160Hz), and volume.

    Jamo s810 setting up a process

    In the first place, the s810 Sub is in the subwoofer position from a few feet away from the corner. The s809 floor-standing speaker is about 8 feet high, on either side of my 55-inch TV, the s 81 center speaker is placed on a low shelf with the top Conner surface slightly below the screens edge.

    The Jamo s809 floor standing speaker can also be better improved with low-frequency performance through the bass port at the bottom.

    Jamo s809 Music performance review

    So here I will give my review of my experiences, on the very first I start listening to the jamo s809. The Jamo s809 creates a beautiful, balance bass, high and moderately wide sound field, varied clear imaging, and plenty of basses suitable for typical pop music.

    Also the soul standard version of the song, the low-frequency volume is warm and rich, it also may be a bit too much pulling the speaker a few feet away from the wall can significantly alleviate the situation.

    If you are like me, the bass lover it is comfortable and generous and feels more enthusiastic than the midrange. The speaker also emits a slightly dry, less resonant string and hall sound. In another case, the Jamo s809 floor-standing speakers overall performance is super in any other aspect.

    The typical midrange will never be as good as the Jamo s809. The typical pop bass drum hit sometimes brings a slight, almost high-pitched extra thump, such as by counting crow. Seems this music is absorbing most of my 105 watts of power per channel amplifier.

    Regarding the multi-channel issue, I was very much impressed by the sound matching between the s81 center unit and the s809 speaker in various male and female voices. The tone is also unexpectedly consistent with the eccentric shaft. The compacts 801 which is a two-way unit works well in surround sound environments because its small speaker is almost always placed in a higher position and points slightly forwards from a point behind the listening position.


    On the last, I would like to conclude that the Jamo Studio 8 series has a very simple and elegant appearance with a sense of design. The speaker also improves the sound quality, the Jamo also adds an ATMOS panoramic sound component, which significantly enhances the user sound experience. So in addition I can say only one word of this amazing sound system is that amazing and just boom, just fire.

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