{Must Try} Best 24-hour challenges ideas for YouTube in 2022

#1. The 24-Hour Challenge in Target

The 24-Hour Challenge is the best idea and this is the most popular challenge and iconic challenge currently on YouTube.

#2. The 24-Hour Challenge Underwater

MrBeast is the only YouTuber who dares to challenge this idea with over 96 million views.

#3. 24-Hour Eating Only Blue Foods

If you think this challenge is easy, you will be surprised to see what food you can’t eat. I can already imagine a lot of food 

#4. 24 Hours in a Toilet Paper Fort

In this challenge, you will need to build a paper towel fort behind the shelves at one of your local grocery stores

#5. 24-Hour Bathroom Challenge

In this 24-hour challenge what you need to do is, grab your pillows, your laptop, and some blankets and remain in your bathroom for 24-hour.

#6. 24 Hour Living in a Car

I know already most of the people already living in their car, but the whole point is do you think you can last for 24hour

#7. 24 Hours in the Pool

Yes! This is one of the easy challenges, you can also perform this challenge for your YouTube channel and get more views

#8. 24 Hours in the Ocean

Just make sure you tie your floaty to something on the land; we wouldn’t want you getting lost at sea

#9. Saying Yes for 24 Hours

This is a crazy challenge. What do you think can you say yes to someone for the next 24-hours?

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#10. 24 Hours No Electronics

In this 24-hour challenge, you have to lock all your electronic devices away for 24-hour and stay disconnected