Top Best 15 Ways Smart Passive Income for College going Students 2022

Make YouTube Videos

why not start creating YouTube videos?

Rent out Advertising Space on Your Car

Brands will pay you money to put their ads on the side of your vehicle

Start a Blog

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Heading 3

Heading 3

Starting a blog is an excellent long-term investment. This means, you will have to put some work into it at the beginning

Use a Cash Back Credit Card

Cashback credit cards are a great way to, well, you guessed it

Create an Online Course

Creating an online course is an excellent way for college students to make passive income

Rent out Your Parking Spot

Did the residence gods bless you with a prime parking spot on campus even though you don’t have a car?

Flipping Items

Flipping items is another fantastic option for college students to begin making a passive income while they are in school.

Live stream on Twitch

This one is for all my gamers out there whose moms forced them to go get a degree!

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