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Top 10 Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens and College Students 2022 | Find Now

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    Top 10 Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens and College Students 2022: The most vital phase in web-based coaching is to distinguish understudies to teach. Your juvenile children can search for mentors on different sites.

    Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

    Have you ever been called a nerd because youre good at a certain subject in school?

    The web has made opportunities for grown-ups and teens to bring in cash while sharing their gifts or experience. Making the web-based helping vocation a famous means to create cash on the web.

    As a high schooler guide, your obligations incorporate investigating your point, tracking down understudies, educating, and answering understudy remarks. Youll show understudies online through live or recorded video, or work with different understudies after school as a coach.

    Wait? I thought that tutoring was only for academic professionals and teachers???

    Ends up, that mentoring is a fantastic calling. As a mentor, you can bring in cash by giving scholarly guides and guidance to different understudies.

    The cool thing about mentoring is you dont need to be an English teacher with 37 years of tutoring. You dont need to know Trigonometry and have 4 Masters Degrees from Harvard and Yale.

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    How to start a tutoring business as a teenager?

    The most vital phase in online tutoring is to distinguish understudies to educate. Your juvenile children can search for guides on various sites.

    Weve ordered a rundown of the best sites to help you in securing the ideal mentor position. Every one of these sites is a magnificent spot for mentor occupations for youngsters to advertise their coaching administrations.

    Is Online Tutoring a Good Job?

    YES! Tutoring is an amazing job for teens and college students.

    This is because it allows you to work from the comfort of your house and save you money and time from a commute.

    Ill discuss a few fabulous sites that permit teenagers to involve their gifts in instructing. Adolescents might procure more than $20 each hour working on the web. This is the most ideal way for adolescents to bring in cash online from home.

    What Do You Need to Become An Online Tutor as a teenager?

    You should gain the capacities that will give your understudies significant information. Individuals are continually anxious to learn new things.

    Accordingly, you should ensure that you are talented at imparting and educating. Also, you should guarantee you have the accompanying necessity.

    • Reliable Internet: The most fundamental thing you want for online tutoring is a reliable internet connection. Since you will require online instruction, they must approach a trustworthy association consistently.
    • A computer or Laptop: A camera-equipped computer. Another necessary gadget for online education is a camera. To teach online, you will need to use a webcam to video chat with your students. Ensure that your computer includes a camera and microphone so that they may connect with their pupils while online.
    • A Headset and Microphone: While not required, some online tutoring jobs for kids do require you to have a headset and microphone to educate with.
    • Screen recording software: Screen recording software will assess you to record your online lectures in case some students need them later. It will be a bonus for your student who missed your lectures in case of internet or gadget problems.
    • Patience and understanding are required: Because you will frequently be teaching youngsters younger than them, you must be patient and understanding. You should be able to give lectures without becoming upset with your pupils, and you should be able to enable them to study at their speed.
    • Free Time: Remember, picking up an online tutoring job for teens requires you to set aside time from your education.

    Top 10 Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens and College Students 2022

    This list works for people who are teenagers in high school and College Students in 2022:

    1. PalFish

    Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

    PalFish is one of the most popular tutoring apps for teaching English online to students in China. You can set your rates, but most teachers earn between $14-22 USD/hour.

    To become a tutor on PalFish, you must be a native English speaker. You can set your rates and timing but theres a minimum of 10 hours per week commitment.

    The lessons are all 25 minutes long and you get paid per class. Theres a five-minute gap between each class if youre booked back-to-back.

    Apply here:

    1. Cambly

    Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

    Cambly is an online ESL tutoring platform that pays tutors $10.20 per hour for teaching adults and $12 per hour for teaching kids.

    To become a Cambly tutor, you must be a native English speaker and you must be 18 years or older. This means, that as a teenager, you may need to ask your parents to help you create an account.

    Theres no commitment required, so you can work as little or as much as you want. Cambly allows tutors to work from their phones or desktop computer and you can set your hours.

    Apply here:

    1. Outschool

    Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

    Outschool is an online platform that connects teachers with students for live, small-group classes. As a tutor, you can set your hourly rate (usually $15-50/hour) but keep in mind that Outschool takes a 30% commission cut.

    A good thing about teaching on Outschool is that you can teach virtually anything (after getting approval) from cooking and gardening to SAT prep and computer programming.

    Apply here:

    1. Preply

    Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

    Preply is an incredible platform as it offers over 50 subjects for you to choose from to teach.

    You can get started with teaching at Preply and create a legitimate business from it. All you have to do is send in an application and wait 2-4 days to hear back.

    One thing that stood out is they pride themselves in guarantee payment systems. This means you never have to worry about getting paid securely and on time.

    Apply here:

    1. Coursera

    Course Hero is an online platform where students can get help with their coursework and earn money by becoming a tutor. It pays English-speaking tutors to answer student questions and the average pay is $3 per question.

    The application process is simple and you can start earning money right away but keep in mind that the pay is not that great as youll need to answer a lot of questions to make a decent hourly wage.

    Apply here:


    Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

    Want to earn up to $20 per hour? Perhaps even $30 or $40 per hour?

    Look no further than Jooble. This is a job posting website that posts jobs daily. This is a perfect connecting place for tutors and students to meet.

    While other tutoring job sites have fixed pricing, you can choose how much youre willing to work for.

    Apply here:

    1. Tutapoint


    This tutoring site has been around since 2007. While you must be older than 18 years old, this is an amazing opportunity for college students to earn extra money tutoring.

    This company is an award-winning tutoring platform as well, so they have a high reputation and standard.

    Apply here:

    1. Tutor Eye

    Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

    At Tutor Eye, you have the opportunity to be 18 years old and start earning money as a Tutor.

    While this is an incredible platform for growing your Tutoring business theres more to it.

    You can create a profile to connect you with other students and tutors to scale your tutoring business.

    Apply here:

    1. Prep Now

    Online Tutoring Jobs for Teens

    Prep Now you either need two years of teaching or tutoring to get started. This is great news since you dont need a degree to work with one of the top tutoring platforms.

    Some tutors and teachers on this website charge up to $200 per hour for their services. Uh-yes, please!

    While you might not be able to start that rate it shows the growth and potential places you can take tutoring.

    Most people believe that teachers and tutors are broke, but they dont have to be. Not with those rates.

    Apply here:

    1. Chegg


    At Chegg, you have the opportunity to become a Tutor at one of the top Tutoring sites in the world.

    With their easy application process, you could be approved in the next couple of days. And be on your way to earning over $20 an hour tutoring your favorite subject.

    What makes Chegg different is that the website sends tutoring jobs to you. In contrast, most Tutoring websites require you to search for them yourself.

    Create a flexible schedule that works for your life and goals.

    Apply here:

    Why Teenagers and College Students Should Consider Tutoring?

    Tutoring is an amazing opportunity for younger people as it teaches them a few important key lessons.

    • Number 1: It shows them how to become better students. After all, the best students are the ones who can teach what theyve learned.
    • Number 2: It allows them to teach something they enjoy and love. When we are in school, we are learning countless subjects that we dont like. With tutoring, you can pick something that you love and get paid to teach it!
    • Number 3: It allows students to create a winning resume in the future. This can apply to scholarship opportunities and work positions in the future!

    A lot of businesses and brands look for experience after you graduate. Why not create that experience while you are working hard in school?

    This will give you leverage that allows you to stand out from the future competition in the workforce.


    All in all, tutoring is a great opportunity to grow and develop as a student and teacher. Sometimes the best jobs are the ones you go out and create yourself.

    So, make sure to constantly be looking for opportunities that can grow your business. And of course, a great way to earn money online.

    Be sure to share this article on Pinterest and comment on your questions below! Thank you for reading!

    Tutoring is a common profession that many individuals have pondered at some time in their lives. Tutoring jobs for teenagers are the ideal option to start earning money at a young age. As a new teen tutor, you will be paid between $8 and $15 per hour.

    Remember you must know far more than the person you instruct, and even then, you are unlikely to know everything. The above is a list of the greatest online teenage tutoring jobs.

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