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    If you are looking for Review, then you are on the right page, here on this page I will cover the benefits, drawbacks, real customers reviews, and case studies to help you make a profound decision about the tool. is a trending tool that claims to offer lots of value for mobile app creators and online tutors. But before giving this tool a trial, you need to know if its an excellent fit for you. is a trending tool that claims to offer lots of value for mobile app creators and online tutors. But before giving this tool a trial, you need to know if its an excellent fit for you.

    In my opinion, is a powerful solution for those who want to build an app without any coding skills. It has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create an application in a few minutes.

    Furthermore, it has numerous features like drip content that allows you to unlock one video every day to your subscribers.

    In simple words, With, you can create a membership website where you can unlock your course content on your terms.

    For example, if you have 10 videos in your training course then you can unlock 1 video every day.

    What is 2022

    The app development platform allows you to create an engaging and interactive training and coaching application in no time without coding skills or any hassle for that matter. helps you build an interactive community inside your app. You can use this community to connect with your users and nurture your relationships with them over time.

    It is a user-created social network in your app. It will help you connect and interact more with your members.

    Apart from this, you can also send push notifications to your subscribers and create group-based challenges for them. allows you to accept payments directly in your app and promote your online courses by using communities and groups.

    If you want to build something unique, Passion io pre-built templates are what you want, or if templates arent enough and you want total creative freedom over the design of your app while still maintaining the simplicity of their platform then why not try building it yourself?

    All apps work seamlessly across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and desktops. The benefit we offer is that we hand payments over to you directly from within your application. Review Review Specification

    Use forCreating Apps
    Good ForCourse creators, coaches, trainers
    PricingStarts from $97/mo
    DiscountUp to $696/year discount (Claim this deal)
    Money-back Guarantee30-days
    Free TrialAvailable (Get a 14-day Free Trial)
    Rating4.8/5 Review 2022

    Passion IO is a powerful drag-and-drop solution for managing your membership site and app content.

    This platform allows you to quickly create an app that is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Passion IO™ has so many great features like drip content, interactive community, & tracking.

    In this review on, I am going to cover everything you need to know about Passion IO. Whether youre a newbie or an expert who wants to be more familiar with this software, at the end of reading this review, youll find out why other users consider Passion IO a perfect match for all their needs.

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    Why Choose

    Its no news that building an app from scratch is time-consuming, plus you need to have years of app development experience to create a standard one. But with, you can launch and publish an app within minutes. Not to talk of all the fantastic features you can benefit from this platform. Review

    If you are looking for the benefits of the app, here are they:

    #1. No Coding Skill is Required offers a modern way of building apps without any coding skills. The best part is you dont need to spend days or weeks putting things together. You can launch your app within 5 minutes.

    You just need to utilize the simple app drag & drop builder to create your app. Simple as that!

    #2. No Design Skill Needed

    Interface design is one core part of app development thats hard and time-consuming to learn.

    You simply cant create an elegant and user-friendly app without having years of web designing skills.

    Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can customize the templates to your taste. you can design an app that competes with top-level apps, even without designing skills.

    #3. Drag and Drop Editor

    The drag & drop tool is useful for many things, like creating the app, building custom courses, and more.

    Its one of the most useful tools that allows you to create, design, and structure your apps even if you are a complete beginner.

    #4. Compatible with all Devices

    The traditional way of creating apps requires optimizing your app code for different devices. This takes a lot of time and experience to achieve.

    However, the apps you create using are compatible with smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.

    #5. Stree-free Built-in Payment gateway

    If you want to receive payment from your app users, makes the process seamless. Both one-time fee and subscription-based payment modes are easy to set from the platform.

    Also, pricing and other payment settings are easy to set up from the App dashboard. You can also manage and oversee your revenue from the app.

    #6. Order and Subscriptions Management

    If you create an app with that allows people to buy items or subscribe to a plan, you can effortlessly manage those activities from your app. You dont have to control chargebacks and set up different payment methods manually

    #7. Variety of Templates

    Another benefit of is the variety of templates you can choose from. You can leverage those templates to build your app without hassle.

    Without coding skills or designing experience, you can create beautiful apps with these templates within a few minutes.

    #8. On-Demand and Live Streaming

    Another mind-blowing feature of is the on-demand and streaming functionality.

    This means you can efficiently deliver live content to your subscribers to help them learn new knowledge. This is an excellent feature for people using as a course membership platform.

    #8. Create Active Community

    You can create an interactive community within the app you build with It is a unique feature that allows you to connect with your subscribers and build a solid relationship with them.

    #9. Community Challenges

    To further engage with your app users through the community you created, you can create tons of challenges and persuade them to join.

    For example, you can create a 30-day yoga challenge and persuade your subscribers to join and share their daily progress. Pros and Cons

    There are some benefits and drawbacks of this platform you should know about. Lets see the pros and cons of the platform.

    • Create online courses without writing a single line of code
    • User-friendly interface
    • Availability of upselling option
    • Apps are compatible with all devices
    • Leverage pre-built template to create your apps or design from scratch
    • Slive streaming option
    • Create courses with an easy drag-and-drop builder
    • Supports Push notification
    • No coding or technical background is needed
    • Drip content option for course creators
    • Manage your payment within the app (in-app purchase)
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Plans are expensive
    • The drip content setting is only available for the Ultimate plan users
    • A 9% platform fee seems high
    • There are learning curves due to too many features available.

    Passion IO Pricing Plans

    Passion IO allows you to create an app for $97 per month. However, if you are serious about creating an app and want some features not available in this plan (such as drip content), you can buy these additional features for $297 per month. comes with three pricing plans as mentioned below:

    • Pro Plan ($97/mo)
    • Ultimate Plan ($297/mo)
    • Ultimate Plus Plan (price depends on requirements) Review

    Pro Plan:

    The Pro Plan is the cheapest plan of that costs only $97/mo and its great for those who want to create an app but dont need any of the advanced features in the Ultimate Plan.

    Unlimited Plan:

    The ultimate plan is certainly the best choice for those who want to create an app with advanced features like drip content and unlimited video, subscribers, and push notifications.

    The ultimate plan offers all these amazing features at only $297/mo.

    Unlimited Plus Plan:

    Passion.ios Ultimate Plus plan provides everything you need to build and launch your app, including a one-for-you service so you can focus on your business instead of creating an app yourself.

    With this plan, you can create up to 5 apps and have unlimited subscribers.

    Youll also get unlimited video uploads and phone support from their team of experts.

    Passion IO customer support

    Passion IO has a very friendly and helpful customer support team! They are always on hand to help you with any questions, problems, or issues about using Passion IO.

    Theyre very quick to respond to you too. It doesnt matter if its over Facebook, email, or live chat on the website- theyre always ready to help!

    Passion IO also has a really good FAQ section too which answers most of the common questions that people have about creating an app.

    Passion IO Case Studies: Are Legit? customers are making thousands of dollars from their app. Im going to share 6 amazing case studies with you. Here is the list:

    • Case Study 1: Allie Cooper
    • Case Study 2: Ellen Decker
    • Case Study 3: Spartan RAM
    • Case Study 4: Bakerlou Music
    • Case Study 5: Tiffany Wilkerson
    • Case Study 6: Savannah Bohlin

    Case study 1: Allie Cooper

    Allie Cooper is a circus, aerial rope, and aerial art coach.  Just 1 week after launching her Cirque Plus app, Allie had made over $4,000. with only 50+ subscribers she is making $50k+ with her app. Read the full case study here.

    Case Study 2: Ellen Decker

    Ellens app Fit in Twenty is a fitness app that offers a daily, quick, effective workout routine for staying fit. With only 60 subscribers, she is making $2,400+ in passive income every single month through her app. Read Ellens case study here.

    Case Study 3: Spartan RAM

    Spartan RAM also created a fitness app using Passion IO and you know what with only 180 subscribers he is making $200k+ per year with his app. He is offering a monthly subscription of $97 to $297 which helped him to achieve this goal. Read Spartans full case study from here.

    Case Study 4: Bakerloo Music

    Bakerlou Music is a music training app built with The owner of this app is offering a monthly subscription to her app. Youll be glad to know that she is making $4,100+ per month in passive income with only 20 active subscribers. Read here full case study here.

    Case study 5: Tiffany Wilkerson

    Tiffany Wilkerson has created a fitness & workout training app with Passion IO. she charges $800/ seat for her 6-week training and you know what she is making $4650/mo through her app with only 50+ subscribers. Read her full case study here.

    Case Study 6: Savannah Bohlin

    Savannah Bohlin is a personal trainer and health guru who leave the Kajabi platform and build her app. She offers a monthly subscription to her app at just $22.22/mo.

    Passion IO 14-Days Free Trial

    If you are still confused about using Passion IO- why not try it for 14 days?

    You can take advantage of Passion IOs 14 days free trial to see if it works for you.

    You dont have to pay anything during the trial period.

    You can try it out completely risk-free. If you like Passion IO then you can become a paid member at any time.

    If you arent completely satisfied with it- then you can cancel your account without paying anything. Account Cancellation:

    There is no doubt that is the best platform when it comes to developing a professional app. Its the best option to create apps for your business, courses, websites, etc.

    However, if you are not completely satisfied with Passion IO, you can get a full refund of your money.

    All you need to do is send them an email and ask for a refund within 30-days.

    They will reply within 24 hours and authorize your account for a refund. After that, you should get your money back within 5-6 working days.

    Passion IO Coupon Code 2022

    There is no Passion IO coupon code available. But no worries you can still save BIG on

    All you need to do is subscribe to the annual plan. If you subscribe to the annual plan, you can save $216 each year!


    What is is an amazing platform that allows you to create powerful mobile apps for your business or your hobbies.

    How much is costs $97/mo for the Pro Plan and $297/mo for the Ultimate Plan.

    Is passion io worth it?
    Yes, its worth it! There are lots of amazing features that you can use while creating your app. With you can create an app for your course, coaching or training.

    Is legit?
    Yes, is 100% legit because you will have all the tools that you need to build your app.

    Does offer a money-back guarantee?
    Yes, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you arent completely satisfied with Passion IO, you can get your money back without any issues.

    Does offer a Lifetime deal?
    No, dont have any lifetime deal because its not good for running their business in the long run.

    Does offer Black Friday Deal?
    Yes, this year will offer a 90% discount on its Ultimate plan. So, dont miss Black Friday Sale this year.

    Final Verdict

    The days are gone when people with no coding skills could not launch their online businesses. Now many amazing options can help you to launch your app or website online and is the best among those.

    Passion io is an app development platform that offers so many amazing free resources that will help you to make at least $2000 from the first month and launch a scalable business faster.

    Its user interface is so easy to understand that you can implement all the features to create great courses in just a few minutes!

    You can build an interactive community inside your app for the app users. Your users can then develop a mutual relationship with you as a result. Your subscribers can also be engaged in group challenges using the push notification feature.

    I am sure after seeing the case study you are gonna launch your fitness app with You will find there more case studies on your desired coaching program.

    You can get started using the Passion app for free using this special link so dont hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Passion IO review as were always happy to help further understand how it works!

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