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Toonly Review 2022: My Experience with Toonly | Features, Price & More

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    Toonly Review 2022: Here I will share my honest review and all my experience so far with Toonly video-making software.

    If you are looking for the best video-making software then you must read this full article, before I process my experience I would like to ask you one question. Are your videos getting ignored against the pile of other videos being created every day?

    Do you want your brand to have a new way to explain your product/service to get more revenue? If your answer is yes to all the mentioned questions above, then Toonly will be the best solution to all your problem.

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    Here is my honest review I will be sharing all my experiences for the last couple of months and I think it’s time to get my thoughts out to the world.

    In this blog, I will be sharing my honest Toonly review and share all my experiences with this best video-making software. By going through this blog you will be able to determine whether you should spend your money on this or look for some other alternatives.

    So, let’s have a quick start with the introduction for those not aware of Toonly.

    Toonly Review


    What Is Toonly?

    In simple words, Toonly is a drag-and-drop video maker that allows beginners like us to create professional animated videos with a few clicks!

    Toonly comes with lots of features that make appealing animated explainer videos better. Also, you don’t need to have lots of technical skills or the operation of complex software. To be honest, in my opinion, the only thing which makes me disappointed is that, Toonly does not provide any free trial.

    But the best part of this software is that you can easily make explainer videos using software like Toonly. This software also comes with easy-to-use features for creating videos instantly. There is also no limit to using this software, you can create lots of marketing and educational videos by using Toonly.

    Also, if you are looking to hire any professional video creator it will cost you anywhere from $100 to $10000 or more for just a 30-seconds animated video.

    Toonly Review

    But for some people, this is a lot of money for just a single video. So for the people who do not have a lot of money and skillset to create their animated videos, Toonly is a game-changer.

    Also, to use Toonly one doesn’t need to have any experience using this video editing software. Also, you don’t need any high-end machine to run this software.

    Toonly Review: Features & What’s Included

    Here I have mentioned all the features that come with Toonly video creating software, down below are only the important point that you must know if you are looking to buy Toonly.

    #1.Incredibly Easy To Learn and Use

    The biggest talking point and probably the reason why Toonly got so popular is how easy it is for people with little-to-no design or technical skills.

    It’s a 100% drag-and-drop video editor where you can select a background, choose the right character from the library, add animations or transitions, and voila! You’ve created an animated scene within minutes.

    Yes, yes, it’s not something to write about home about (yet?) but you’d genuinely be surprised to see how easy it is to create a 5-seconds animation with Toonly.

    To add more depth to the scene and make it interesting, you can add speech bubbles and body movements (still using their drag-and-drop editor.) For example, if you wanted to introduce yourself to the audience, you can add a hand wave movement and use bubble speech texts to say something,

    And creating that entire scene will probably take you a couple of minutes (even less when you get used to the program.) If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is!

    #2. Works on Both Mac and Windows PC

    A problem with a lot of popular video editors is that they may work on one platform but not on another. Take the example of iMovie, a popular video editor for Apple’s Mac ecosystem which isn’t available for Windows.

    With platforms like this, you essentially get stuck to a single operating system and will have to think twice if you want to switch. But, that’s not the case with Toonly. Kudos to the developers behind Toonly, it works flawlessly on both Windows and Mac systems.

    Also, the user interface and controls are very similar so you wouldn’t even notice that you’re using it on a different machine. While Toonly is downloaded on a local machine, it requires an active internet connection to work.

    This is because it syncs the files with Toonly’s cloud server and checks for updates and licenses every time you launch it. However, I have noticed a huge demand in requests (me included) to make Toonly available offline in their support tickets.

    So, it won’t be long before Toonly takes action on it and makes it available for offline usage (except for license and update check on launch.)

    #3. Ready to Use Animations and Facial Expressions

    There’s nothing like Toonly when it comes to readymade animations and facial expressions to help you create animated videos.

    With most video editors, you’d have to figure out this yourself which requires a steep learning curve and probably months of practice. Toonly hits the ball out of the park here.

    There are dozens of pre-made animation actions and facial expressions that you can use with one click for each available character. For example, once you import a character to the screen, you can make it walk, jump, wave, sit, laugh, etc., without having to manually do everything.

    This instantly improves your video quality and makes the video look more interactive. I can see it comes in very handy for sales and marketing videos to show customers jumping with joy after getting to know a product.

    It’s also great for YouTubers who want to animate a story and make the character do a lot more than just stand there. There’s a lot to talk about the premade actions and facial expressions but I’ll leave the testing to you.

    You can subscribe to Toonly for just $20/month right now and take it for a trial. Remember, if you don’t like it, there’s a 30-days money-back guarantee to help you out!

    #4. Massive Toonly Library

    Toonly Library is an ever-expanding list of readymade items made available to you. The team keeps adding new elements to the list so you can create up-to-date videos.

    It contains hundreds of:

    • Characters
    • Animations
    • Prop images
    • Facial expressions
    • Backgrounds
    • Premade scenes
    • Scene transitions
    • Background audios
    • Text animations

    You can use these to create animated videos for almost every imaginable scene.

    Want to create a chilling scene, use a beach background with props such as volleyball, beach chairs, seashells, and more. Additionally, add background audio of water to give it a more authentic feel.

    Similarly, you can create an office environment by using a proper background and adding props and characters dressed in suits.

    The possibilities are endless!

    However, note that you get access to these elements based on what membership you pick. While Enterprise package users can get access to all the available elements, standard users get to use a limited number of items. Here’s a quick comparison between both Toonly pricing packages (annual) and what you’ll get with each:

    Toonly Review

    Undoubtedly, the Enterprise package looks more tempting but for a beginner, even the Standard option would be sufficient.

    #5. Toonly Club

    One important difference between both packages is access to the Toonly Club. It’s the holy grail of Toonly and probably the most important reason why you should choose the Enterprise package.

    The team behind Toonly works consistently to add more characters and props to the library according to current trends in the world. These new elements are added to the Toonly Club every month and made available to Enterprise users for free.

    This way, you can get access to new elements and create more unique videos without feeling restricted. I’ll compare both packages in detail in the “Pricing” section, so keep reading!

    #6. Upload Your Elements

    It’s hard to look different and make your brand appear unique when you’re using the same software as hundreds of others. To get around it, Toonly allows you to upload your fonts, images, audio, and voice-overs!

    Anything you upload gets added to the library which you can easily drag and drop to a project. This makes it so much easier for you to come up with unique brand videos that no other Toonly users can copy. Having your style of videos is also a plus point for online content creators as it helps them instantly pop out.

    # 7. Support for Up To 4K Video Export

    With the never-stopping demand for quality content and improvement in internet speed and better displays, people crave high-quality videos more than ever.

    A couple of years ago, it was a luxury to watch online videos in HD i.e., 720p. But today, internet users watch videos at a minimum of Full HD (1080p) resolution and move towards 4K content.

    If you want to stay with the wave and don’t get left behind, stop uploading videos of poor quality. Not only it will affect your business but also make viewers build a negative perception of your brand.

    # 8. Use on Multiple Computers with 1 License

    Have you ever purchased any of the popular video editing program licenses like Camtasia or Adobe Premiere Pro (which costs around $32/month)?

    If you have, you’d know that the license works only on a single machine at a time. So, if you want to use it on more than one machine, you can’t. That’s a major limitation that can restrict your productivity and limit you to a single machine.

    Yes, you guessed it right… Toonly doesn’t have that limitation.

    #9. Lessons, Tutorials, Excellent Support, and Regular Updates

    When I first heard about Toonly (obviously through their repetitive ads placed all over social media), my first thought was this:

    It would be a company that’d sell the software for cheap and then disappear into thin air. There will be no updates or proper customer support. The reason is that I have purchased dozens of such online tools that promise every feature available in the world but never deliver them.

    And when you reach out to the support, all you hear is… silence. Toonly is different and their customer support surprised me the most. If you look at their support website, they have hundreds of tutorials to walk you through everything with proper explanations.

    #10. Active Facebook Group

    It’s a whole different feeling when you have access to a community that speaks your language. If you’re someone who likes to spend time on Facebook, make sure to join Toonly’s Facebook group with over 30,000+ active members.

    It’s a private group so the admin takes spamming very seriously so you’ll be sure that other members aren’t going to spam or talk nonsense. This group board will make it easier for you to connect with others, discuss ideas, and probably build a connection that’ll help you grow your business.

    Toonly Review 2022

    You can also post your queries here and get an immediate response from either Toonly’s support team or other members who know the solution.

    Benefits of Carton Animation Videos (Toonly)

    • Perfect marketing material to promote your business
    • An amazing way to build brand identity
    • Increase conversion
    • Good return on investment with just a small spend
    • More shareable than text-based content
    • Power to hold the attention of your audience for a longer period

    Toonly Pros & Cons

    • Very easy to use and user don’t need to have any professional design skills
    • Drag and Drop editor to create attention-grabbing videos in seconds
    • Comes with professional-looking templates to start creating videos.
    • Library of images and videos.
    • High-quality video production up to 1080p.
    • Add your audio files or voice-over.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Toonly doesn’t have a free trial option.
    • Requires an internet connection to work.
    • No web version is available. To use this software you need to install Toonly on your Windows/Mac PC.
    • Plans are quite high when compared to other carton animation software like Animaker.

    Do I Recommend Toonly?

    Yes, we recommend this software. If you are searching for a cartoon animation video maker then you should check this out. As we have seen in the Toonly review post, this software comes with a lot of cool features to make appealing videos. No need to have the technical skill or operating of complex software.

    Videos shot from a camera at the time of explaining something would be great. But everyone is not comfortable in front of the camera so the camera fear factor exists. So Toonly animation maker video is the best choice.

    So we have discussed some of the major advantages and disadvantages of this software. No software doesn’t have any disadvantages at all. In the same way, Toonly also has some cons and we should consider them with a grain of salt. You need to install Toonly software on your PC/Laptop to use this. There are monthly and annual plans as well.

    Final Verdict

    This Toonly review turned out to be a lot longer than I initially planned. But again, Toonly is such an interesting software and there’s so much to talk about it and video marketing in general that I lost track of words.

    Let’s not make it longer than it already is… If you liked my Toonly review and want to purchase it, consider using this link. I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you and that’ll keep me motivated to write more in-depth reviews (thanks in advance!)

    If you didn’t like Toonly, read my Doodly review and Viddyoze review. Both of these are great alternatives to Toonly and might be exactly what you need.

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