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Top 7 Best Studio Headphones for gaming 2022 | Price, Specifications and buying guide

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    Top 7 Best Studio Headphones for gaming 2022

    Best Studio Headphones for gaming

    Here we have the best collection of studio headphones for gaming, before you go for buying headphones you must know how important sound effects are for an enjoyable gaming experience. So here we will discuss some important needs of studio headphones for gaming.

    Nowadays there are many options to buy headphones, every headphone comes with different features and different price tags. So here we are going to help you choose the best studio headphone for gaming of all time and enjoy your play.

    Here is our hand-picked collection of headphones for the best studio headphones for gaming, of the best studio-quality headphone used for gaming. Check out our headphone collection below.

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    Best Studio headphones for gaming 2022

    Studio Headphone for gaming 2022 review and specification

    1. Sennheiser HD800S (Premium Collection)

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    When it comes to premium headsets the Sennheiser always comes on top of the list, these headphones have the best sum up for their incredibly popular headphone by the Herman band. Also, the Sennheiser DH800S has a pair of presuming headphones with the largest soundstage ever.

    The design on this HD800S are also coming with a premium look in front of your ears when you wear them, also the speaker has a powerful set of sounding in front of you rather than a headphone over your ears.

    The Sennheiser HD800 provides large soundstages and directional cues, also you will be able to gauge every single instrument and foley added to the soundtrack such as the footsteps, gunshots, explosions, dialogues, etc.

    In terms of comfort, the HD800s is one of the most comfortable headphones you will ever use, the built quality of this headphone is made up of a blend of metal and plastic and it sits on your head rather than clamping on it. The headphone also provides enough padding on the aluminum headband to allow hours of continual use.

    • Large sound stage
    • Surround sound with locations that are easy to pick
    • Phenomenal sound quality
    • Large ear cups with a cushion and microfiber covering
    • Perfect clamping force for continual use
    • 56mm transducer
    • Drivers positioned at an angle to mimic large speakers in front
    • 10ft long copper wire cable wrapped in Kevlar
    • Comes with the high price tag

    1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

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    The Audio-Technica is one of the most popular headphones brands that continue to tick on despite sizeable competition from other brands, the ATH-M50x has come with few cosmetic upgrades for the uninitiated.

    Coming to the performance, the sound quality of this headset is very well balanced and has enough bass to punch and impress gamers who prefer bass and booming sounds such as punches and gunshots. Everything that pops out of the soundstage is impressive.

    The build quality of these headphones is a closed-back design that ensures that ambient disturbance is minimal, the weight comes with 286 grams, and you can keep wearing the headphone all day without feeling any discomfort, this model also comes with a detachable cable.

    The sound quality of ATH-M50x provides you midrange and treble is very detailed and clear with absolutely no muddiness or distortion, also the vocals and audio sound are very well layered and are never overpowered by the other track.

    • Audio Technica’s bestselling headphones
    • Upgraded design with thickly-padded headband and plush ear cups
    • A removable cord with a 3.5mm connector
    • Decent noise insolation due to the closed-back design
    • Punchy bass and clear highs
    • Earcups swivel 90 degrees for storage
    • Closed, limited soundstage

    1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

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    On top of our list, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is amongst our favorite buyers. The DT 770 Pro looks precisely like the DT990 with a closed-back design. The headband on this headset is made up of metallic with circular ear cups and ample padding.

    The sound quality of this model DT 770 pro is amazing as compared to a pure studio headphone also it’s very accurate as compared to most run-of-the-mill out there. The bass on this model is a little extra punch, while the rendering of the mid is just perfect and clean. The vocal and audio sound a little distance you will not find much difference for most distorted users to take notice.

    Coming to the specification of this model, it has a 731 surround sound, you will find extremely precise imaging like picking up objects, gunshots, footsteps, and whatnot.

    The only thing I feel is not a little impressive is the permanent cable that comes with the headphones, but that is not such a big deal that most people would be willing to overlook.

    • Professional sound quality
    • Budget segment price (Value for money)
    • Punchy bass, perfectly-rendered mid and crystal clear high
    • Exceptionally good soundstage and imaging
    • Very little leakage
    • Replaceable velour ear pads are perfect for long use
    • Permanently attached cord
    1. AKG K702

    Check the price on Amazon

    Looking for the best studio headphone, here comes another amazing pair of headphones from AKG K702. This headphone has the best natural sound quality, which means you will hear exactly the way the soundtrack is intended to be.

    The AKG K702 is an Austrian brand, which is very popular among professional recording and musicians. These headphones are an open-back with a very wide soundstage which will make you feel the air and the space in the track with excellent detailing.

    Coming to the quality of the sound of this model AKG K702 it has an equal follow of mid. Treble, mass, and the vocal. Everything in this headphone is neutral. This speaker also provides you the 7.1 surround sound as compared to any flashy gaming headphones that you can pick, which is offered hyped by the manufacturer.

    The K702 also comes with features of the two-layer diaphragm that improves the performance at different frequencies, this headset comes with a 10-foot long cable with a 6.3mm phono plug and a 3.5mm adapter included.

    • Neutral sounding headphone
    • Studio quality consumer product
    • Large, spacious soundstage
    • Excellent detailing
    • Leather headband with 3D foam ear cups
    • Open-back design
    • This model does not offer a collared sound

    1. Drop + HIFIMAN HE4XX

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    The Drop + HIFIMAM HE4XX pocket-friendly price also offers amazing features. The headband is made with stainless steel and has a revamped one for which the ear cups are now the focus-A hybrid pads.

    The earpads are also covered with soft velour. Coming to the quality of the sound you will be a little surprised at the sound quality. These headphones have a more prominent low end with an equalizer and it will still sound distorted like dynamic drivers do.

    Also, the high frequencies are equally good and clean, but the mid sound is a little feeble compared to other headphones. The placement of different instruments and foley sounds with different separations.

    Overall the HIFIMAN HE4XX headset comes with amazing sound quality and beautiful design we’d highly recommend these headphones on our list, these are the best studio headphone for gaming of all time and they don’t sound too different from the most expensive product.

    • Planar magnetic headphones
    • Value for money product
    • Comfortable stainless steel headband with thick padding
    • Plush ear cups with Focus-A hybrid ear pads
    • Perfect for all-day usage
    • Little heavy low and high end with decent mid
    • Amazing detailing
    • Wide sound stage with excellent imaging
    • Lack of noise isolation
    • Not a portable design

    Looking for the Best studio headphone for gaming?

    If you are one of those looking for the best studio headphone for gaming then you are in the right place, here we have already mentioned the list and the specification for the best headphone on our lists. The studio headphone is designed for professional tasks like recording, mixing, and arranging tracks for which you will need the best natural sound-providing headphones.

    So on our lists, we have mentioned all such types of headphones which will provide you with the best natural sound-providing headphones, there are also typically designed with a noticeable heavy low end and decent imaging capabilities and a reasonable-wide sound stage, and some noise isolation.

    Build quality and comfort of the headphone

    For the studio and gaming used, you will need the headphone which you can use for a long period and the best design quality. Also, you must have no complaints about the built quality of any of the headphones.

    Also, the headphone must be built with non-heavy materials such as plastic or stainless steel seems these materials are not heavy and can be used for a long period. So in our collection, we have searched for this type of headphone with all the features which are needed for the studio preferences.

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