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Ben:  My name is Ben Greenfield. And, on this episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast.

Philipp:  But then, we work also with so-called molecular frequencies. Those are frequencies derived from literally physical substances. It could be a healing plant. It could be something like frankincense or it could be supplements. So, if for example, we have the so-called bio-base frequency, that’s one of the frequencies that a lot of professional athletes actually use in combination with their Quantum Upgrade when they have a competition or tough practice because it is basically, I think, almost 80 different vitamins, minerals and organic plant extracts that are super vital for the human body. And, that’s the information of it. So, frequency is the same as information. 

And so, if you ingest the vitamin C pill, for example, what ends up in the core of the cell is not the physical substance of the vitamin C, it’s actually just the information of the vitamin C with so-called frequency medicine. You can bypass that and you can make that information available to the cells without ingesting something.

Ben: Faith, family, fitness, health, performance, nutrition, longevity, ancestral living, biohacking, and a whole lot more. Welcome to the show.

Alright, folks. So, I think I’ve mentioned this on the podcast a couple of times like mysteriously alluded to it, but I recently had somebody reach out to me and ask me if I’d ever tried this thing called Quantum Upgrade on my home. And unfortunately, I had not. I hadn’t even heard of it or didn’t understand what it was, still don’t fully understand what it is, which is why I’m recording this podcast episode for you. 

But, what I did was I went to a website and I selected all these different frequencies to bombard my home and my body. I selected one of the things, I think was my phone with as a part of this so-called Quantum Upgrade, these invisible energies that are somehow delivered to me and my abode from afar. I know this is sounding super-duper, like something that would wind up on the skeptic quack website, but just stick with me here because it’s really interesting.

The day I flipped it on, I couldn’t sleep. The next two days had total insomnia, couldn’t sleep at all, woke up on the third day, went and turned the thing off on my computer browser, and meaning I logged into my Quantum Upgrade account, turned it off. And then, the next night, I slept and I thought, huh, that’s interesting. So then, I went back on the website and I turned it back on but I chose slightly lower frequencies, like less powerful frequencies than I had the first few days. And, not only did I sleep fine but I had really good energy and recovery and even better mood during the day.

So, after I ran it for a week, I went back in and turned the frequencies back up and didn’t experience any disruption of sleep, and I thought, “Gosh, there’s got to be something going on here possibly more than just a placebo effect.” So, I’ve talked about these invisible quantum energies before on the show actually with today’s guest. We recorded a podcast a year ago and it was about this company called Leela Quantum Tech. And, they produce these devices that you can use, for example, on your body like the necklace that everybody always asks me what I’m wearing in my YouTube videos. I’ll pull the necklace out here. It looks like this weird cylindrical object full of capsules and I actually have a question for today’s podcast guest about it later on, but I wear this necklace and I’ve got their hat and their shirt that in their jacket that I wear on airplanes and I’ve got the panel in my car and the panel up in my kitchen for doing things like charging food and charging water. We had a really interesting show where we talked about a lot of that. It was called how to charge any object in your home or your body with healing frequencies. And, we even talk about how some of these things can be used for EMF protection.

So, my guest on today’s show has a horrifically difficult name to pronounce. It’s Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling. Philipp, did I get that even close to correct?

Philipp:  Absolutely perfect with a difficult last name for sure.

Ben:  Oh, my gosh. Yes.

Philipp:  The first name would rather be Philipp, not the French way but it doesn’t matter, I still know who you’re talking to whether it’s Phil, Philipp or Philipp is all good.

Ben:  Okay, I’m just going to go with Phil. Philipp with two Ps. So, Philipp founded Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade. He’s a coach. He’s an entrepreneur. And, as we discussed in our last podcast, he’s really done a deep dive into these so-called energy fields and energy healing modalities that go far beyond some of the things we might be able to visualize or the things that were trained classically in physics. He is a biohacker. He’s a Kundalini yoga teacher. He’s a father of two. He’s even made it to the top eight in the tennis senior U.S. Nationals and competes in tennis tournaments as well.

So, I’m going to link to everything we talk about which again I realize is some pretty far-fetched stuff, but we’re going to tackle it anyways, if you go to Just like it sounds,

Phil, this is going to be a fun one. I always get all sorts of questions about these invisible healing energies and all sorts of raised eyebrows as well, so are you ready for this?

Philipp:  Yes, absolutely.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, by the way, do you still play much tennis because that’s the near and dear sport to my heart? My family and I still play two or three times a week.

Philipp:  Well, we got to meet and play then at some point. And so, about a year and a half ago, I had hurt my calf really bad. I’m playing tennis actually and then I stopped playing for a month and a half and then I actually ended up not playing for way over a year just because I had so much to do, so much work and we were traveling a lot. But now, I’ve picked it back up again and I want to play Nationals again next year. So, that’s one of the reasons. I’m like, “Okay, every five years, I’m going to do Nationals if I still feel like it.” And yeah, I’m really getting back into it. Actually, I’m going to play a tennis tournament this weekend. It’s going to be my first tennis tournament after a very long time and looking forward to that. I’m not really so much into competing anymore rather showing myself what I am still capable of.

Ben:  Where do you live? What city?

Philipp:  Near Santa Fe in New Mexico.

Ben:  Okay. Have you caught up in the U.S. pickleball craze at all?

Philipp:  Not really. No, no.

Ben:  Okay. Well, pickleball is the baby version of tennis. It’s a little bit more fast-moving and explosive, but that’s kind of craze up around here. And, I still play pickleball a couple times a week now as well. And then, there’s another sport. You as a European are probably familiar with this one is the sport of paddle, which is kind of my latest infatuation when I can hunt down a paddle court. It’s kind of racquetball meets squash meets pickleball. Have you played that one at all?

Philipp:  I actually have, yeah. And, I have played pickleball once but it’s a long time ago. And, in our club, actually, they do have actually a few pickleball courts, so it’s picking up. And, when we lived in Memphis for eight years, I played a ton of tennis but there was already a pickleball. I’m like, okay. I’ll get into that probably, but for now, I’m focusing on tennis when I have the time to do something.

Ben:  Have you embedded any invisible healing Quantum energies into your tennis racket?

Philipp:  Well, a good question. I actually indeed charged it with our bloc technology and it’s made a difference. We’ve tried it with shoes. And, now that the latest–we’ll get into that. I don’t want to talk too much about it right now, but the Quantum operate is the way to go, actually, if you have a tennis match going on and we’ll get into that.

Ben:  Okay. Yes, we will, for sure. How the heck do you charge up a tennis racket in one of your Quantum Blocs? Like, mine’s big enough to put a giant coffee mug in but there’s no way I could put a tennis racket in there.

Philipp:  Yeah. So, first of all, I’m going to ask you if you want to have our Grand Bloc because that’s the new invention. That one is 15 by 15 by 15 inches, and it’s the most powerful bloc we’ve created so far. And, I’ll be happy to send you one because you can put full salad bowls in there and big plates. It’s just really cool. And, with that, it’s very easy also to charge a tennis racket.

Ben:  I know everybody’s always wished they had a Quantum Bloc for charging up their salad bowl and now their tennis racket. Tell people who didn’t hear the first podcast what the Quantum Bloc is.

Philipp:  Yeah. So, the bloc technology that we invented and developed is really a breakthrough because we were able to harness and concentrate pure natural quantum energy into these plates. So, when you have a bloc, if anyone sees this here, you’ll see it. If not, if you don’t see anything, then it’s about 8 by 8 by 8 inches bloc with three plates on the top and three plates on the bottom or one on the top, one on the bottom. And, in between there, you have a super concentrated energy field, quantum energy field that is 100% natural because it’s the very same energy that we have in each of our cells. That’s how the cells communicate. And so, that’s kind of the breakthrough.

Now, because the field is there when the blocs are assembled, you can leverage that sort of like a battery. And, it has lots of different applications, so just the feel itself if you don’t do anything with it, it harmonizes all EMFs in a pretty large radius, for example, and it’s been scientifically shown and, I don’t know, I mean probably over 20 studies by now and with various different testing methods. You can neutralize and harmonize other destructive or harmful frequencies whether that’s in food or in water, like the Emoto Institute showed that and you can even copy frequencies. You can charge other objects like we just talked about, the tennis record. You could charge your shoes with it and all that kind of stuff; your silverware. There’s really no limit to it.

And yeah, that’s it in a nutshell. It’s really pure natural quantum energy. It’s nothing artificial. That’s very important to understand. Quantum energy is everywhere, but it’s not there usually in such a high concentration. And, things like EMFs, for example, they tend to suck quantum energy out of objects and they can sort of do that with us humans as well where we get depleted of that quantum energy that we need to live. And, we need water to live as well. And, if you get drained of water, obviously at some point you’ll feel sick. That’s pretty much the same thing. And, we’ll get more into that, but that in a nutshell what we develop.

Ben:  Alright, you might need to explain this to me and my listeners like you’d explain to a sixth grader. When you say quantum energy, what do you mean by that?

Philipp:  So, I think we all understand maybe of the six-year-olds may not yet understand, but they’ll be able to read about it that we’re about 90% water but we think ourselves as solid and we feel that all the time, but we’re still 90% water. But then, behind even water and all the other matter, there’s energy, call it empty space that’s about actually 99%. So, we’re 99% empty space.

Ben:  Do you mean, by the way, this idea–I think Paul Chek was the first guy who used this analogy with me that if I put my hand down on a solid table, technically, there’s billions and billions of empty spaces in between all the atoms that make up that solid table. So, I’m putting my hand on a bunch of atoms but technically it’s not really solid from a quantum standpoint, it’s just a bunch of closely packed atoms with more space than we’re really aware of in between each of those atoms because it’s on such a small microscopic level.

Philipp:  Yeah, that’s definitely a way to explain that. And, what’s important though is that the so-called empty space isn’t really empty because there’s energy in it, there’s quantum energy. It’s literally below subatomic. You can think of it like that. And, that’s kind of the key because then the positive changes that can be promoted happen on this most fundamental level and then can ripple through into the physical. Whether that’s blood that optimizes or your heart rate, the things start to get these signals to become in order again and to also move to its or his/her optimal potential because it’s really not just about humans, it’s really is about animals and also plants. Actually, I don’t know if anyone will be able to watch this here but if you want, I’ll show you–

Ben:  Yeah. Anybody who want to see the video version, just go to or YouTube or whatever you see the video version. So, go ahead.

Philipp:  So, I’ll show you this right now so you’ll be able to see this. This is way bigger than my head and you know what this is, this is a beat. This is the beat out of our quantum greenhouse and it’s ridiculous.

Ben:  That’s a big beat, holy cow.

Philipp:  Yeah, it is absolutely huge. It tastes amazing. And, I just wanted to show you because it really also helps plants because plants and animals also. If you just take EMF, for example, they’re impacted as well. It’s not just us humans. But, if you’re able to harmonize that and then literally provide additional positive energy that helps to get into optimal form and optimal potential, then that’s what happens. So, you have plants that grow faster and grow better. You have dogs that feel better. And, with the humans, obviously, we’ll get into the research because literally 99% or 98% of the research that has been done so far has been actually with actual human test subjects, which is interesting, I think, but it really is helpful for any physiological organism.

Ben:  Okay. Let’s back this up a step because we went from trying to define what quantum energy is to the claim that it’s helpful for plants and humans, et cetera. But, I guess the missing step for me is you explain quantum energy and that we have all of this energetic space in between all the atoms occurring on a subatomic atomic level, but how are you actually manipulating that space? Does that make sense? Are you doing something to convert or somehow change the, I suppose what you would call the vibrations or the vibrational frequencies of all these particles or the energy in between each of these particles?

Philipp:  Good question. And, I won’t be able to give a complete answer to that because that’s really the only secret sauce that we don’t really share, but to just give you at least a little bit about it, we’re not manipulating it and we’re also not doing anything to the quantum field itself because the pure quantum energy and the nature of it, that its nature. We’re not doing anything with that. So, that’s really the nature of it to harmonize and neutralize anything that’s destructive or harmful for life and consciousness. So, that’s really what it does. We didn’t do that. That is just nature. 

What we did is we found a mechanism to actually pull this energy into such a concentrated form, which we did with a bunch of super-gifted healers and a team of scientists together. And now, I have to leave you just with that picture on how we do that and the exact method on how we do that, I won’t share because that’s really just an amazing recipe on how we do that. And, that’s our secret sauce. We share everything else though because, to be honest, in the past, if people invented excellent technologies like this, they would usually try to keep it just for themselves or make people dependent on it. And, that’s exactly is the opposite of what we do. We make the extension of our technology available to anyone that wants it and wants to use it. Yeah, but I can’t go into more detail regarding that.

Ben:  Okay. Alright, I won’t put you into the uncomfortable position of revealing your secret sauce, but I want to talk about this a little bit more. 

About 10 years ago, me and my kids took this online course. It was kind of like a Qi Gong course where we learned all sorts of different ways to increase our energetic frequency, to increase our energy using different twisting motions and drawing giant energy balls with our hands. It was really interesting because you kind of feel your energy pick up as you were engaged with some of these practices, but as a part of that, we also had these glasses of kombucha. We were supposed to use brandy but my kids were 5, so I wasn’t going to have them drink alcohol. We used kombucha and we would place our hands around these shot glasses of kombucha and imagine, I believe, they were emotions like love and peace and joy. 

And, this is kind of related to that Emoto Institute that you brought up because people might be familiar with those water experiments where they would bombard water with prayer and positive feelings and positive frequencies or vibes and the water seemed to somehow change its structure to be a more crystalline uniform structure. And, since then, they’ve also done other experiments that show that water seems to take on a more chaotic structure when exposed to words like hate or frequencies such as death metal. So, it seems that somehow matter in the universe responds to the energies that that matter is exposed to. And, by the way, I’m on the right track here?

Philipp:  100%.

Ben:  Okay.

Philipp:  And, what you’re saying is not just some thought or idea, it’s really been proven over and over again where the Emoto Institute–Masaru Moto was the pioneer in doing that and it’s absolutely true, yes.

Ben:  Okay, alright. So then, you actually have this secret group, the X-Men I think I called them in our last podcast of healers who you’ve identified as people who are able to manipulate these frequencies with great precision, who have been trained in the same way that say a Reiki practitioner would train to be able to manipulate your body without necessarily touching you, you’re able to harness some of the powers so to speak of these X-Men healers that you have in secret Batman lab locations around the globe to actually take your devices, your clothing, your necklaces, whatever and bombard them with the frequencies that you’ve chosen. 

And then, in response to that, when the clothing is worn or when a necklace is placed around your neck or when an object is placed in one of these blocs that produces these frequencies, it would then pass on that energetic frequency whichever one that has been programmed with to the recipient, the pet, the object, the salad bowl, the tennis racket, et cetera.

Philipp:  Yeah, sort of just not that this team of gifted healers actually is among the absolute best in the world are not the ones that are just putting everything in our products. That really is happening with our technology but they would develop specific frequencies.

Ben:  Okay.

Philipp:  So, one thing is really the pure national quantum energy, and then the other one is that you can use all kinds of different frequencies in order to help bring a system that is out of balance into balance. And, what do I mean with a system? The whole body is a system on its own and then you have a lot of subsystems. You have the heart in itself is this functioning system. You have the immune system. You have the lungs, all of that. And then, you have your energetic system. And so, if something is out of balance, you can bring it back into balance. And so, there’s all kinds of different frequencies that can be used for various use cases. 

So, we have developed many different ones and we use, to some extent, etheric frequencies. That’s where the healers actually come in because they can literally pull these frequencies out of the ether. And then, we already know what it does and what positive change it promotes. And then, we go into scientific testing and can basically prove all of that scientifically. But then, we work also with so-called molecular frequencies. Those are frequencies derived from literally physical substances. It could be a healing plant. It could be something like frankincense or it could be supplements.

So, if for example, we have the so-called bio-base frequency, that’s one of the frequencies that a lot of professional athletes actually use in combination with their Quantum Upgrade when they have a competition or tough practice because it is basically, I think, almost 80 different vitamins, minerals and organic plant extracts that are super vital for the human body. And, that’s the information of it. So, frequency is the same as information. 

And so, if you ingest the vitamin C pill, for example, what ends up in the core of the cell is not the physical substance of the vitamin C, it’s actually just the information of the vitamin C. So, with so-called frequency medicine, you can bypass that and you can make that information available to the cells without ingesting something. 

And, we can get into that because it’s not 100% equal at this point. Maybe that actually changes in the future, but for at least 90% percent of the people, it works better when they take physical supplements. They can then also reduce supplementation noticeably actually. And then, for 5 to 10% of the people, they can actually maintain optimal mineral and vitamin levels if they just take in the frequencies and they don’t even need supplementation anymore. But, for whatever reason, that’s just a smaller group of people. So, it’s pretty cool actually to work with molecular frequencies.

Ben:  Have you actually tested that like if vitamin D vibrates at a specific frequency and someone were to use some type of technology like one of your technologies to bombard their bodies with that same vitamin D frequency? Have you actually done testing to show blood increases in hydroxy vitamin D or anything like that?

Philipp:  We have not yet done any tests specifically to very specific supplementation, but there have been blood tests even in regards to broader supplementation via frequencies. So, we’re talking literally what you’re wearing is the so-called H.E.A.L. Capsule if I’m not mistaken.

Ben:  This necklace, you mean?

Philipp:  Yup.

Ben:  Okay.

Philipp:  Yup. And so, that also contains besides some self-healing powers activating frequencies, it also contains those almost 80 minerals and vitamins and frequency form. So, those tests were done but it was a broad spectrum basically and it was not targeted on just vitamin D but that’s really interesting. And, we’re very busy actually with research. That’s the most we focus on on research, so I’ll add that to the list because that would indeed be cool if we just focus on one of the supplements.

Ben:  What did you actually test with something like these broad-based frequencies? What are you actually looking at?

Philipp:  People that were tested with the blood and you looked at the optimal vitamin and mineral levels of what mineral and vitamin levels they had, and then they just used the capsule and stop taking any supplementation, whatsoever, over a multiple month and they were tested, I think, three times in a row, and they still maintain optimal vitamin and mineral levels.

Ben:  Oh, okay. Alright. But, you don’t know which vitamins or minerals went up, you’re just saying across the board their blood markers kind of improved when they were using these broad-based frequencies that covered whatever you said 80 different vitamins and minerals or whatever?

Philipp:  So, I mean, that the blood improves, that’s another topic. That 100% is the case regardless, but in this specific case, it was really looked at the vitamin and mineral levels. And, they maintain these optimal vitamin and mineral levels, yes. They maintained those. But, important again, if someone just joined, so from our experience, that happens only with about 5 to 10% of the people. For the rest of the people, what happens is that the bioavailability of such substances increases significantly when you use the frequencies. And, you would still take supplementations, but then over some time, you’ll notice that you can actually reuse the intake. And, once you take them, you’ll have actually have a greater impact. So, that’s kind of what it does. 

And, we don’t know 100% why that actually is but our assumption at this point is from all we’ve seen that if you have the pure information of these substances, these vitamins and minerals available to your cells, your cells basically recognize that in a different way than before. And so, the cells can suddenly absorb these substances in a better way. So, that’s pretty much how we think about it.

Ben:  I’ve never really been able to do any specific blood and biomarker-based testing when wearing the necklace or the code or the hat or using the bloc or this new Quantum Upgrade for the home or for the body that we’ll talk a little bit more about, but I do know that something’s going on because I can’t sleep very well when I have the necklace on. It gives me too much energy. And, like I alluded to in the introduction, I had insomnia for three days when I first turned on the Quantum Upgrade. And, I can’t explain exactly why, but something definitely changes from an energetic standpoint when I’m using this stuff.

And, I read a book, you’re no doubt familiar with it, by David Hawkins called, I think, “Power versus Force” was the name of the book. And, I believe it’s in that title although he has several books in which he outlines how there’s some frequencies that are much higher in terms of their vibrational frequencies like peace and love and joy. And then, other frequencies would vibrate at a much lower frequency and be almost energy-depleting rather than energy bestowing like anger or fear or shame. And, that was interesting when I read it, again, based on some of these experiments that you’ve seen with people or objects or water getting exposed to positive versus negative emotions and there being a distinct physical change that can be observed microscopically in terms of the crystalline ordered or the chaotic configuration of those molecules when exposed to these frequencies.

But, one question that I have for you is when you’re looking at frequencies or you’re looking at quantum fields, is there a way to actually measure like could I take vitamin D or a tennis racket or a mug of tea or my body or whatever and actually measure the frequencies or even a specific cell, a heart cell? Can that actually be measured in terms of, I don’t know, Hertz frequencies or some other sort of physical unit?

Philipp:  Well, you can measure Hertz frequencies, what you cannot measure is quantum energy. Not yet though. I hope that within the next five to seven years, we’ll be able to do that. But, science in that regard really plays catch-up at this moment because there’s no physical tool, which you can measure the quantum field, for example. Also with our blocs, you can’t do that but you can still calibrate it on the so-called Hawkins scale that Hawkins developed. And, by the way, our products, they calibrate higher on the Hawkins scale by far and large than any other product out there in the world. It’s absolutely significant, but there’s no physical instrument yet in order to do that. And, maybe we’ll develop one, but hopefully, also someone else that we don’t need to do that work. 

But, what you can do besides calibrating on the Hawkins scale, you measure the effect. And, that’s relatively easy to do because, for example, if you have this bloc, you can measure your state of being in various different methods before. And then, if you put your hands in there, you measure it after. And, you could use a heart rate variability test, you could use blood test, lifeblood analysis. You put it under a dark microscope, for example, having to get more into that. You can actually, now and this is very exciting about the Quantum Upgrade, and I don’t even know if you’ve heard about that yet, but there have been randomized double-blind studies showing that even over distance with the Quantum Upgrade, we’ve been able to increase ATP production in human cells by 20% to 25%, which is absolutely massive. I mean, you can do maybe these 10, 11 things all together with all kinds of different supplementation and all of that and then maybe get it up 20%, maybe 25% but you have to do all these 11 things all at the same time. And then, if you’re lucky, you get that. And, with this, you basically click on a button and you get it right away.

And, wound healing and Ian Mitchell says hi here because he actually supported the professor–

Ben:  You mean, Ian Mitchell, the scientist who has that Wizard Sciences company? He’s been on my podcast before.

Philipp:  Exactly. Yes. So, there’s a professor at a university lab that has been doing wound healing and ATP cell studies since over 20 years. And, that’s pretty much all he focuses on in the lab at the University lab. And so, Ian has been helping him with some of the experiments. And, there were two wound healing studies now with actual human cells and it was shown–so, how it works is that the cells get scratched with the laser basically and then you have a control group that’s not charged and then you have a group of cells that is charged. And then, it’s done in a way where the one leading the experiment has no clue which is actually charged so that it is double-blinded. And, they were able to show a 100% increase in acceleration in wound healing. So basically, all the charged cells healed twice as fast as the other ones, which is quite massive.

So, for the professor to go out and put his name behind that, he’s always saying, “Well, this is just such crazy stuff,” because this is with a brain very hard to understand how this can work. But, I mean he’s a believer now because he’s seen three ATP studies now, he’s seen that wound healing study, but still they repeated the wound healing study just recently just to have it done again. And, it again showed in over 85% acceleration in wound healing. And, it may have been actually 100% because it actually healed overnight and when they came back in the morning to take the next measurement, they didn’t take any overnight, it was already healed. So, at this point, it’s somewhere between 85 to a little bit over 100% where the acceleration happens, which is quite massive. And so, you can test all these things. There’s a lot of other tests that can be done and that have been done already. So, that’s very easy to do.

Ben:  Now, how did the cells that were healing faster get charged? What would you use?

Philipp:  That’s the Quantum Upgrade system. So, you do it with your home, for example, or your phone, right? We have this publicly available now for cell cultures. We don’t have that publicly available because probably no one would use it because no one really works with cell culture. So, that was basically a customized version of cell cultures– 

Ben:   [00:35:07] _____ all over my house. I’m not one of those people, but again, as a matter of fact, I went to the website and I think I had three options at the time with whatever membership I had. So, I chose, I think, my home, my car, and my phone. I think those are the three objects that I chose for this Upgrade. 

So, you’re using that on these cells in cell culture, you’re exposing them to these quantum frequencies to your secret sauce, so to speak, that you’ve developed with these healers by learning which frequencies work and then using technology to deliver those to different items. And, that’s how you notice the improvement in wound healing capability.

Philipp:  Exactly. And so, just to also distinguish between the blocs and the Quantum Upgrade, so the Quantum Upgrade is really a much further development off a bloc. It starts at that technology but it’s a really huge system. It’s an analog system though and we were able to connect and bridge with the digital front end. And indeed, so it doesn’t matter where in the world someone is or a home is or in this case a Petri dish or a thousand Petri dishes because they used actually a whole lot to make this statistically absolutely significant. It doesn’t really matter. 

And, some people may have heard of that the 2022 Nobel Prize was actually awarded for work on quantum entanglement. So, this is not anything new or out of the ordinary that this exists and that this is absolutely possible. The breakthrough really is that we can really do it and that it’s not just a theoretical model and we all know, okay, it can work but we can literally apply, we can literally show it in real time. It has actually been shown also in other randomized double-blind studies.

For example, the BESA Institute in Austria ran two of those double-blinded studies with actual test persons. So, in this case, it was not Petri dishes or anything, it was actual people, and they got their blood taken and then it was shown what the baseline is and then they got charged. And again, it was double-blinded so the person, the doctor that was with the room with the test persons in the room had no clue what would happen, when something would happen, and if even something would happen, he only knew he had to take the blood at that point and had to take the blood again and then look at it and take pictures and all of that. And, it was shown in 100% of the cases that the blood of all test persons improved significantly. So, with the red blood cells actually declotting completely after even the stage one, stage two of blood clotting, any negative effects of Wi-Fi were completely wiped out and neutralized. Even the white blood cell activity motility increased significantly which is that’s essential for the immune system. And, they were able to show even two other things. So, the parasitic load and the blood decreased and even cholesterol levels decreased. 

So, it was quite phenomenal. It’s very physical. So, that’s the thing. It’s energy, but it really works on the physical. And, that brings us back to the beginning because it works on the below subatomic level, and is because of that able to promote these positive changes on all the level including the physical.

Ben:  What if I were to take those cells and culture that had been exposed to the Quantum Upgrade frequencies and then I were to put them next to a Wi-Fi router or start to, I don’t know, play death metal or say “Hey” over and over again to them? Would it negate that frequency or cancel it out and then they’d have to be recharged?

Philipp:  It’s the other way around, actually. So, let’s say none of those cell’s cultures are charged at this point and they’re just in a room with no Wi-Fi router. And then, you suddenly bring in a Wi-Fi router and put it right underneath the Petri dishes. For example, you’ll see changes in the cells very rapidly, frankly, and it’s detrimental. It’s quite destructive to cells or blood cells. It doesn’t really matter. Anything that’s alive really. And then, if you were to turn on the Quantum Upgrade, it negates the Wi-Fi router activity basically and the impact it has on the cells, on the blood, et cetera.

Ben:  Yeah. But, what if I turn the Wi-Fi back on or have it running at the same time? They’re like the higher vibrating frequencies like override the other frequencies. Is there a rank order in terms of how this works or what?

Philipp:  Yes, exactly. So, the quantum field is below subatomic and it harmonizes the Wi-Fi or if it was 5G or 4G. It doesn’t really matter. It’s all the same thing. It harmonizes those. So, yeah, in all those experiments, it’s very important they don’t–so, if they take a before test, then they turn on Wi-Fi, as an example, and they measure what happens, the blood really starts to clot, it looks bad, the oxygenation of the blood goes bad, the white blood cells tend to be paralyzed and all this type of stuff, and then our Quantum Upgrade is turned on while the Wi-Fi stays on. Of course, it’s not turned off because that would not really be showing, is the technology able to harmonize/neutralize? So, it stays on completely and all those negative effects are wiped off the table.

Ben:  Okay. So, does that mean that if the Quantum Upgrade frequency is then removed but the Wi-Fi keeps going, and what I’m getting at here is let’s say I’m wearing this necklace and it gets bombarded with a whole bunch of Wi-Fi, and my body’s bombarded with a whole bunch of Wi-Fi, do I have to reset somehow like put the necklace back into the Quantum Blocs charger or go and turn off the Wi-Fi and recharge my body? Is this making sense?

Philipp:  Yeah, it makes sense. And so, the first thing is the necklace you don’t need to ever recharge it. Certainly, over time, you can upgrade it and make it even stronger with–

Ben:  I do that. Once a week I take it off and I put it in a Quantum Bloc that you sent me for about two minutes and I put it back on. And again, I know this sounds super fringe and kind of quack and it could be placebo, of course, even though you’ve noted that you’ve double-blind studies, I can’t double-blind myself unless I gave it to a family member and told them to put it or not, put it in the bloc without me seeing and then bring it back to me and see if I notice a difference. But, I notice when I put it in the bloc on that weekly basis, for the next few days, it feels the energy is even higher if that makes sense.

Philipp:  Yeah. However, though, now you’re not getting any more in it if you put it in the same bloc. So, if you put it in a higher and a stronger bloc, you’ll get more in it because the capsule does not lose its power. Depends on what it was charged initially with. And then, yes, you probably had a stronger bloc at home. And then, if you put it in, the first time or a couple times, it definitely increases it but it doesn’t lose its power really. So, you don’t need to recharge that. 

And, with yourself, you mentioned, okay, what happens if I’m exposed to Wi-Fi, okay, and I use this technology and then it helps, it harmonizes all of that, what if I don’t have access to the technology anymore and now I’m again exposed to Wi-Fi? Yeah. Then, over time, things start to get worse again. However, it’s the staircase effect because what the quantum energy actually does, it trains yourself to actually be able to also be in a stronger field and try to vibrate in a higher level. So, in that sense, it’s different from an aspirin or an ibuprofen that you always need to take in order to get rid of your headache but it doesn’t teach you how to get rid of that headache at least to some extent on your own. And, that’s how the quantum energy really is a little bit different.

Ben:  I’ve had actually a few people at my house, almost everybody I bring to my house, I’ll have them put their hand inside the Quantum Bloc to see if they notice anything. There’s been a couple times that people who are energy healers, massage therapists who also do reiki and energy work because my house is the island of misfit toys. I have all these random podcasters and scientists and physicians and energy healers and therapists and stuff constantly in and out of the doors just because that’s kind of the lion’s share of my friendship community. It’s a little bit odd and a little wacky around here sometimes, but they’ve put their hand in it and immediately withdrawn their hands and say, “What is that that just shocked me?” And, they’re super sensitive to these energies. Have you ever experienced something like that?

Philipp:  Absolutely, yeah. So, energy healers and the ones that can see energy, they see it right away and they actually use our technology. There’s hundreds of such energy healers that are actually using our tech just because it amplifies their work and it also helps them because it’s a high vibrational source of energy that they can work with and that they can leverage for their own energy system and physical body, frankly, as well. And, they tend to be very receptive to that energy. So, wait until you have the Grand Bloc. So, after this, send me your address again and we’ll send you a Grand Bloc and wait what they say then.

Ben:  Probably interesting, but it’s also interesting too to put my tennis racket in it.


So, did you know that Khalil Rafati who I’ve had on my show before who runs the SunLife Organics in Malibu and Austin and a few other hot spots around the U.S. or these fantastic juicers, when you go there, if you look behind the counter, they all have a Quantum Bloc and they charge up all their smoothie ingredients in the Quantum Blocs before they make their billion-dollar bowl and acai bowls and dragon fruit bowls and everything?

Philipp:  Yeah, absolutely. I’m very aware of that. So yeah, I guess they’ve purchased 18 or 19 customized infinity blocs by now because they knew it should be bigger than the regular ones just so that they can fit in multiple smoothies at the same time and all of that. So yeah, I’m aware of that and it’s absolutely cool. And yeah, so he’s been a pioneer in that sense. And now, we’re actually playing catch-up with research and you may appreciate that. And, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this, but the bloc technology is able to improve water in no time. That’s what the Emoto Institute proved. Within three minutes even in the weakest device we had, it was able to improve water better than anything else they’ve ever tested before. So, it basically structured the water to its optimal form in just a few minutes.

And, since about 14 months now, the Emoto Institute has been an exclusive reseller for Japan because they wanted to bring those products to Japan, which they’ve never done before with any other product line ever. But now, this has been taken a step further because a lot of people out of the community reported when they’re allergic to certain substances and when they charge these substances in the Infinity Bloc or the Grand Bloc, the travel bloc for about four minutes, they don’t have an allergic reaction. We prove that even life on stage at a big conference in front of over 100 people where I think that was Todd Shipman because he’s allergic to crab meat. That’s one of the things he’s allergic to. They put crab meat in his left arm and he got an instant reaction. He got all red, blisters–

Ben:  You mean, they put crab meat? You mean, they injected crab meat in his arm?

Philipp:  With a derma roller. Yeah, with a derma roller. Yeah, that was actually Ian Mitchell doing that. I mean, Todd agreed to do this, so we didn’t force or anything. He actually suggested that because he found out that he can charge it and then have no allergic reaction. Anyway, so they put the crab meat then in the infinity bloc life on stage, and after a few minutes, took it out and put it in his other arm, no allergic reaction. We’ve heard this from so many different people including gluten sensitivities and all that that. 

Now, there’s a clinic in Munich that has been doing research in that regard. They have $50,000 device with which they can test stress responses and allergy responses of the human body two various substances. They’ve been able to show in a pilot study that no matter what they tested whether that was gluten, lactose, or anything else, the bloc was able to reduce the allergy response by 65 to 95%, which is quite massive. And, they have even shown that with sugar. The same thing with sugar that the stress response of the body decreased significantly. I want to– 

Ben:  You mean, a lower glycemic index and response to sugar?

Philipp:  I don’t know if they measure the glycine index. That could actually well be, but they measure–

Ben:  No, not the glycine index but just the blood glucose response. Because I wear a continuous blood glucose monitor I could try this.

Philipp:  You could definitely try that, but that’s not the device that they use. They have a different device that looks at the overall stress response of the human body like how does the whole system and actually the pancreas, for example, how does the pancreas react if I eat sugar. And then, there’s usually a lot of work. It’s having a sort of detrimental impact, but I love sugar, for example. Not pure sugar but I love good chocolate, for example. I always charge it now in the blocs. But, disclaimer, if you have allergies or food sensitivities out there, don’t try this at home yet because we don’t have enough data yet. We have a lot of data but it’s not enough data because there’s so many different cases and substances. But, I hope that by the end of this year, we have a clear guidance that we can provide.

For example, if you charge it for four minutes in the bloc and you have gluten sensitivity, then your algae response reduces by 65 to 95%. That would be a good guidance to give. But, at this point, we’re not as far but it’s all looking very, very promising.

Ben:  Yeah. Don’t take your kid with an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts and put a spoonful of peanut butter and a Quantum Bloc, then feed it to them after listening to this podcast. I suppose theoretically you could rub a little peanut another round with a derma-roller or whatever. But, that’s interesting too. I’ll have to try with that with ice cream because modern dairy-based ice cream basically gives me diarrhea. So, maybe I’ll try charging up a bowl of ice cream and see if I do or do not wind up on the toilet a couple hours later.

So, that’s interesting too you say about structured water. You can structure water a lot of different ways. You can structure it with sunlight or an infrared light panel. You can structure with the pour-through device, with a structured water filter. You can structure it with crystals like some of these water bottles have crystals embedded in them. And, you can structure it with energy very similar to photonic-based energy from sunlight. You can charge up the water with these type of frequencies as well. 

And, I’ve just talked a lot about water with my dad and my brother, the Greenfields, Gary Greenfield and Zach Greenfield, because they have a structured water filtration company. And so, they’ve kind of nerded out on all the different ways to structure water and certainly can be useful for that. And, I mentioned crystals preferably spelled with the K if you’re cool and you’re alternative healer or you live in Sedona, you can’t spell crystals the C but that same guy Khalil Rafati also has crystals all over his SunLife Organics place based on the frequency that crystals produce, which is kind of interesting because from what I understand, it’s also kind of a quantum field energy.

But, I wanted to ask you based back to the quantum field topic on this David Hawkins scale. You said something like you can calibrate these to the David Hawkins scale. And, I guess the best visual for this if someone hasn’t read the book or seen his scale is you’ve got peace at, I don’t know, 1,000 or love at 900 or anger at 100 or whatever. I don’t remember the exact values, but do you know the units that he’s actually using in that? Because you said it wasn’t hertz, it’s just a random number or what kind of measurement or unit of measurement is he using when he or you are talking about frequencies like that and giving them a numerical value or a scale?

Philipp:  Yup. So, it’s not hertz, it’s really vibration and he calls it consciousness level. And, you could also call it vibration. It doesn’t really matter. And so, the low vibrational low consciousness states, as you mentioned, are something like anger, guilt, shame. And, you find those in the low 100, 200, 300 range, then you go into the level of reason, I think, which is around 400, and then you have the level of unconditional love, which is 500. You go into joy, 540, and then you move into the enlightenment zone, basically, which is sort of a stretched zone.

And, after defining the scale, then with his advanced kinesiology methods, he was able to basically calibrate for a specific person or for location, where does it vibrate on the scales? You have that scale and then you basically test out where does that vibrate and what kinesiology– 

Ben:  What are you testing?

Philipp:  He used always muscle testing, which is kinesiology, but you can just, “Okay, imagine that this is how it works. Okay, I’ll do this.” I test and–

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. And, muscle testing, it’s not going to give you a frequency either. It’s going to give you a qualitative reaction but that’s not a numerical value.

Philipp:  No, but if you have a scale from 0 to 1,000 as an example, then you can ask the question. So, this location on which level between 0 and 1,000 does it calibrate and you can calibrate. If you’re advanced in this, you can absolutely do that. And then, usually you use multiple different kinesiologists that are expert and they all come out with the same result. There’s actually also the method of just seeing that you don’t even need to use the muscle testing that is more for people that can’t really see it. There’s not so many people that they know it instantly, but you can use the actual technique of muscle testing. and, Dr. David Hawkins, for example, I think he calibrated millions probably of different levels. He was just a constant muscle tester.

Ben:  It still sounds kind of imprecise. Do you think that there will ever be a tool developed where you could just literally take, I don’t know, vitamin D capsule not to kick that horse to death and literally test it somehow like test the actual quantum energy and get a scale that’s more precise, more quantitative, lends itself better to research and is a little bit more definable than David Hawkins scale?

Philipp:  I think so, yes. I don’t know how long it will take. It will definitely take some time because stuff like that is not easy because it’s not been the narrative, it’s not been the focus. There’s lots of tools in regards to electricity and magnetism and what have you, but really quantum energy is while ancient and it has always been here since the beginning of existence, it is still something that’s sort of new and cutting edge at the moment. And then, it takes time to develop other tools and scientific methods.

Ben:  It’s not new and cutting edge. Do you mean the awareness of it and the awareness of its benefits are new but quantum energy itself isn’t new–

Philipp:  Yeah, exactly. Quantum energy has existed since existence basically or it’s always been there. But indeed, now you have technology that you can leverage to optimize your physiological well-being, for example. But, to develop now also tools to measure that exact field strength and the Hawkins levels, for example, I think that will take several years if someone really were to work on it. And, I hope people are working. And, I know of a group actually in Europe that is working on a tool like this. And, we’ll see. That’ll be very interesting because then literally everyone at home can do these tests.

Ben:  Yeah. Obviously, it took a massive amount of energy for this planet to come into existence. And, I like to think that maybe God wound up a giant ball of this Qi Gong-based energy and just unleashed it, and now the quantum energy that’s just scattered about the universe in between every single particle, subatomic particle that exists. It’s still vibrating with that energy even though we haven’t yet found a way to quantify it in the same way that we haven’t yet found a way to quantify God. And, that’s a whole topic for another day perhaps. Although, if you want to read the book “Quantum God,” it’d probably be a pretty good introduction to the intersection between quantum physics and spirituality.

So, Philip, we’ve alluded a few times to this Quantum Upgrade system, I think I’ve got my head wrapped around the energy, the delivery of the energy. But, is this system, like when I go to the website and I say, okay, I want you to bombard my house with David Hawkins scale of 900 during the day, give it a boost of a thousand at 7:00 a.m. in the morning and then kind of weighing it off at night so there’s not too much energy around the house or do this to my car or to my pet or my freaking phone, I mean there’s a bunch of different options on there, is this some kind of a satellite you’ve got in a location somewhere that’s sending these frequencies based on someone’s receiving address or location? How’s it actually working from a technical standpoint?

Philipp:  Yeah. So, that’s a great question. And, it doesn’t work the typical broadcasting works where you have an antenna and then you send that energy to someone. It actually works in a different way where we’re not sending anything, we’re just connecting the unique identifier of the object or of the person because you can actually have the Quantum Upgrade for yourself. That’s what all the professional athletes do, for example, because that’s the most advanced a Quantum Upgrade you can actually get if it’s for yourself. Because then, you’re not just in the energy of the home interacting, you’re actually literally having that it’s as if you are in the field. And, that’s what we’re doing, so we use this unique identifier, which is for a car, it would be the VIN number, for example. For the home, it would be the exact physical location, the address– 

Ben:  Geez, dude, what do you do for the person?

Philipp:  Yup, that is the name. So, first name, last name, the birth date, and the birth city. That is what we use. There’s other options also–

Ben:  Do you ever get concerned about security breaches? I mean, you got a whole database of people’s VIN numbers and home addresses. Is this secure?

Philipp:  Oh, yeah. I mean, I think much, much more in secure is if you run a bank or T-Mobile, for example, with 35 million data sets where you have that. So, we’re not that big. This is way easier for us to secure all of what we do and we work with one of the top cyber security firms in the nation together to actually protect all of that data. But then, what’s very important is what cannot be hacked is the system itself, the Quantum Upgrade system itself cannot be hacked because it’s an analog system. No one could ever hack it. It’s literally impossible. And so, no changes could ever be done by anyone in that regard. There’s nothing that could be added or changed. So, that’s the beauty of it. It’s literally analog. There’s no way it could be changed.

But, coming back to the original question, so if we have that unique identifier and we literally place it into this super powerful source of quantum energy and–

Ben:   Who does like at your house or at your guys’ offices or something like that?

Philipp:  We have it in two different locations in the world and we’ll probably have it in three different locations at some point. Also, for security reasons, it is in multiple locations. But yeah, so then you are literally in the field. That is the little bit what that quantum entanglement physics show that it’s possible that you don’t have to send something there, you literally connect the unique identifier to that and then you’re in the field. And, that the beauty is with the Quantum Upgrade, you can say it anytime I want to pause it or you want to change it or I want to add something, whatever. If you do that, it works in near real-time within five minutes, the changes will happen. And, you determine that because you have a web application available and you can make these changes yourself. So, it’s nothing we do like you said it the way that you want it. And yeah, it’s important that in the beginning, you don’t set it to more than 500 on the Hawkins scale at night. And actually, I still have it at 500 at night–

Ben:  I made that mistake, by the way. I just blasted it thinking more was better and I kind of stuck with it because I was like, “Alright, is this placebo or what?” And, by night three of insomnia, I’m like, “This can’t be placebo.” And, especially as soon as I turned it down or I turned it off initially and then gradually scaled it back up and I think now it’s set at 500, I slept fine after that.

Philipp:  Yeah. And so, the cool thing is you totally realize that it’s there. And, that’s a cool thing. And then, you just adjust it to the levels. And, we always tell people, use the default levels at first. And then, there’s nothing you do wrong, you’re not going to have insomnia, you’re not going to have extraordinary detox effects or any of that, it’ll be totally actually great and harmonious. But then, people certainly want to try at some point to set a booster and all that. But, after some time, you get really used to it, you really adapt well and you work with this energy. And then, you can also get to these higher levels relatively quickly. And, setting those boosters is a really cool thing to do. So, we need to set you up for the you actually so that you can try that, and then when you have a tennis match, you set your booster, you may choose a specific frequency that you like and you’ll be extra supported.

We have multiple professional athletes like world champions. We have a seven times, medalist of the X Games and other folks that are using our tech. One of the top pole vaulters in the U.S., they use that because they can get the extra juice in because as a top athlete, what do you want? You want to have the bad days better. And, if you have a good day, you want also that to be a little bit better and to be in your full presence and have extra juice yourselves working optimally, that’s kind of what you want. And, you can do a lot of things, of course. I mean, supplementation be in general good health, ice baths, all that kind of stuff, and keep doing all that because we’re not saying this is replacing that, it’s adding to it. And, that’s kind of what it does.

Ben:   Hey, for random professional pole vaulters, it must be good. I’m just pulling your leg, man. So anyways, your homie, Ian Mitchell being from New Orleans might be a better guy to ask this question too. I thought about this the first time I interviewed you and you said you could put a photograph of somebody inside the bloc and they’d feel the effects. You ever get accused of voodoo magic or anybody raising an eyebrow at this stuff and say it’s just kind of unprovable spooky action?

Philipp:  No, because it’s 100% demonstrable, verifiable and repeatable. And, it’s certainly not placebo either just because those studies have all been placebo-controlled, randomized double-blind, or single-blind. So, from that standpoint, very easy to say and certainly not voodoo anything because voodoo implicates really that it’s something negative you can do with something. And, that is the beauty about the bloc technology. That’s actually nothing we did because it’s 100% natural quantum energy field that we work with. And, that’s what’s important to understand. And, the nature of this field is to harmonize anything that’s destructive or harmful to life and to consciousness. That’s just the nature of the field. 

So now, if you can indeed take a picture of someone and put it in the bloc, and then they’ll be in the fields, you cannot take two pictures of people and put them inside or more because then you co-mingle energies and that would not be good because everyone has their own energy field and you want everyone to have their own energy field not be commingled in any way. But, if you were to use, let’s say, a fear frequency or a herbicide or pesticides or a death wish or whatever you can think of, voodoo, and you place it in there, you know what happens, instantly it’s harmonized and it’s neutralized. It doesn’t exist as an information in the field because that’s the nature of the field, it neutralizes that because otherwise, frankly, we could have also not released the blocs because then indeed it could be used for nefarious purposes but it cannot, and that’s the beauty of it. But again, I don’t want to take the credit for that because that’s really nature that created the field like that, we were just able to harness it and concentrate it.

Ben:  Yeah. So, use a selfie not a group wedding photo, folks, if you try this out for yourself. We ought to do, Phil, is try it on my dog. I know you have a frequency on there for the dog because my dog has copious amounts of energy and I want to see if he barks even louder if we load him up with the frequency. So, that’s what I want to do, the double-blind experiment on. Don’t tell my dog he’s getting it. Don’t tell me what frequency you put it on. Charge up my dog and I’ll let you know if I notice anything and we’ll see if little Bashers have explodes or not.

Philipp:  Yeah. And, of course, you’re saying this in a funny way but indeed be mindful with that because certainly if a living being–and, I know that you said in a funny way but for some people out there that may have not understood it that way, just don’t crank it up crazy or don’t put [01:06:35] _____–

Ben:  Yeah. In that case, it might weaken say the voodoo magic. Yeah, yeah. Don’t use this for nefarious purposes, people. It’s great power and responsibility in your hands which you have this Quantum Upgrade login and password at your fingertips. So, it that’s a good point.

Hey, I know we’re starting to run short on time here. This is super intriguing though. Help me wrap my head around some of these concepts and answer the questions people ask me on the elevator about my necklace or about this bloc in my kitchen counter. But, before I let you go, how’s this actually work? People go to the website and they just sign up and they select what they want to charge themselves up with.

Philipp:  Yes. So, first of all, for everyone out there, it’s and use code BEN15, so B-E-N-1-5 and you’ll get 15 days for free. And yeah, so then you can just pick one of those Quantum Upgrade services basically, which I recommend do the one for you. It’s called the Field For You or the Quantum Upgrade For You because that is the one that is the deepest and most comprehensive one for you personally. And so, you’ll be able to set it for yourselves, you’ll be able to run with it for 15 days basically, and again go with the default levels at first, maybe the first two, three, four days, then start using the boosters. And, the booster is always 30 minutes. It’s very easy. Once you sign up, which is super simple–

Ben:  Yeah, I got mine turned out for 7:00 a.m. like I mentioned. I get my booster frequency.

Philipp:  Yeah. And so, it’s basically my account. Usually, people use it on their phone, which I recommend so we don’t have an actual app, it’s a web application. For a reason, we ask the community if they want an app and they said no with all Apple banning anything that’s not mainstream. Just don’t even go there. And so, we have a nice web application so you open that on your phone, then you log in, you say Remember Me and then basically it stays open all the time and you can get in and out really quickly. It’s very easy to set.

Ben:  Yeah. But, don’t do that on a public browser though if your VIN numbers in there.

Philipp:  Yup. So, the only very important thing is once you’ve signed up, you need to go into your subscription, set your time zone and click Update. And then, within five minutes, it actually starts. That’s kind of what we said that people need to just put their time zone in because it’s sort of important because if you’re in Europe but you said it on the time zone in the U.S., then you may get your nighttime values messed up and you won’t be able to sleep because you have a high level–

Ben:  Right, you’ll get booster. Yeah, they get you booster at 3:00 a.m.

Philipp:  Exactly.

Ben:  Yeah, I get it. I get it. That makes sense. So, it’s all pretty intuitive. I set it up myself, and yeah, I’m kind of a luddite with a lot of stuff and it was pretty intuitive. So, and I didn’t know–


Ben:  Quantum Upgrade, and there’s a code people can use. You said was BEN15?

Philipp:  BEN15. Correct, yes.

Ben:  That is good to know. I wouldn’t have known that. My team is always up to some sort of stuff behind the scenes. I’m glad you’re aware.

Philipp:  Yup.

Ben:  Okay. So, BEN15. Alright. And, what I’ll do because people might want to hear our first podcast because we also covered some cool uses in terms of transference of energy and some different ways to use supplements and ways to charge up different objects in our first podcast about that Quantum Bloc and about some of the clothing items and stuff. So, if you want that episode too, go to and I’ll put that one in there also.

So, in the meantime, Phil, it’s been intriguing and kind of weird as usual, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. So, thanks for doing this, man. And, I’ve got all sorts of new experiments I’m going to try now with the quantum stuff.

Philipp:  Well, thanks so much for having me on. It’s been a pleasure. And, thanks for everyone watching and listening. And yeah, so then the only other thing is after this, send me your address so that we can send you a Grand Bloc. And yeah, have a great time, everyone.

Ben:  Alright, folks. I’m Ben Greenfield along with, one more stab at this, Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling signing out from Have an amazing week.

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I recently outfitted my house with some kind of weird, invisible energy called Quantum Upgrade. What’s crazy is that as soon as I “flipped the switch” to turn it on (you’ll hear more about how and why I did that in today’s show), I couldn’t sleep for nearly three days straight, so I’m pretty sure I turned it on too high.

But after that, I started to notice a profound increase in daytime energy levels, drop in afternoon sluggishness and an overall feeling of improved mood and well-being that made me suspect there might be more going on here than a placebo effect.

Philipp  is founder and CEO of Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade, is a coach, entrepreneur in the conscious-raising space and energy healer. In parallel to a successful international business career, he constantly worked through blockages and barriers that had prevented him to fully connect with his true self. With that he started to also see energy fields and developed his unique skills as a healer, and he went through two decades of training in shamanic and other energy healing modalities. During his business career he worked as an executive for several well-known companies, including T-Mobile International and T-Mobile U.S. where he served as Vice President of Marketing. While he’s a passionate bio- and bio-energy hacker in his personal life, he’s also a kundalini yoga teacher, a father of two, and he also made it to the top 8 in the Tennis Senior U.S. Nationals when he still participated in tournaments.
Philipp’s company’s Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade are pioneers in regards to quantum technology and frequency medicine. While Leela focuses on physical products, Quantum Upgrade claims to provide the most advanced quantum energy streaming service over distance in the world. Backed by randomized double-blind studies, Quantum Upgrade is reported to improve the state of the blood significantly and may even increase ATP production by 20-25%.

During our discussion, you’ll discover:

-Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling…07:01

-What is a quantum bloc?…14:45

  • An 8” x 8”x 8” bloc with plates on the top and the bottom
  • A super concentrated quantum energy field between them
  • 100% natural
  • Neutralizes and harmonizes destructive or harmful frequencies
  • Quantum energy is everywhere
  • Things like EMF, for example, tend to suck quantum energy out of objects
  • We need quantum energy to live

-What is quantum energy?…17:14

  • We are 90% water
  • There is energy behind water
  • It is called empty space so we are 99% empty space
  • Podcast with Paul Chek:
  • The empty space is actually not empty; it is filled with quantum energy
  • Making changes on that level
  • Philipp showing a huge beet from their quantum greenhouse
  • Quantum energy is very helpful for plants, animals, and humans
    • Plants grow faster and better
    • Dogs that feel better
    • Generally helpful for any physiological organism

-How to manipulate quantum energy?…20:57

  • Not manipulating or doing anything to the quantum field itself
  • It is its nature to harmonize and neutralize anything that’s destructive
  • Found a mechanism to pull this energy into a concentrated form
  • Ben and his sons taking Qi Gong course about 10 years ago
  • Emoto Institute and water experiments
  • Healers, people who are able to manipulate frequencies with great precision
  • Passing energetic frequencies on different objects
  • The healers developed specific frequencies, Leela Quantum Tech developed the technology
  • The goal is to bring a system that is out of balance into balance
    • The system is our whole body with its subsystems like the heart, immune system, etc.
    • Also energetic system
  • Frequencies brings back balance
    • Etheric frequencies – healers pull out the frequencies out of the ether
    • Molecular frequencies – from physical substances
    • Bio bass frequencies – used by a lot of professional athletes (frequencies of almost 80 different vitamins and minerals and organic plant extracts that are vital for the human body)
  • Frequency is the same as information
    • With frequency medicine, that information is available to the cells without ingesting something
  • Tests have been done in regards to broader supplementation via frequencies
    • Vitamin and mineral levels
      • For at least 90% of people, it works better when they take supplementation; they can also reduce supplementation
      • 5-10% of people can maintain optimal vitamin an mineral levels if they just do the frequencies
  • Bioavailability of substances increases substantially when the frequencies are used
  • The impact is greater with frequencies
    • Cells can absorb vitamins and minerals in a better way
  • Ben’s experience with quantum energy necklace
  • Power vs Force by David Hawkins
    • Peace, love and joy have frequencies that are much higher than frequencies of anger, fear, shame

-Can quantum energy be measured?…38:18

  • Not yet, maybe in 5-7 years
  • No physical tool with which you can measure the quantum field
  • All products calibrate higher on the Hawkins scale than any other product out there
  • What can be measured is the effect – before and after
  • Randomized double-blind studies show that even over distance with the quantum upgrade, it’s possible to increase ATP production in human cells by 20 to 25%
  • Podcast with Ian Mitchell:
  • Ian Mitchell’s Wizard Sciences (code BEN for 15% discount auto applied at checkout)
  • Professor that has been doing wound healing and ATP cell studies since over 20 years
    • Wound healing studies – 85% acceleration in wound healing
    • Cells were exposed to quantum frequencies with quantum upgrade systems
    • The quantum upgrade is a much further development of a block
  • 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for work on quantum entanglement
  • Two double blind studies by the BESA Institute in Austria
  • The blood of 100% of the cases was improved
    • Red blood cells de-clotted completely
    • Negative effects of Wi Fi completely wiped out and neutralized
    • White blood cell activity increased significantly
    • Parasitic load in the blood decreased
    • Cholesterol levels decreased
  • Wi-Fi router activity is detrimental to blood cells
    • Quantum Upgrade negates the activity of the Wi-Fi router (use code BEN15  to get a 15 day free trial)
    • The quantum field wipes off the negative effects
  • The necklace doesn’t have to be recharged, it doesn’t lose its power
  • Quantum energy trains you to be able to be in a stronger field and try to vibrate in a higher level
  • The experience of energy healers using quantum block
  • Podcast with Khalil Rafati:
  • Sunlife Organics
    • Using customized infinity blocs for making smoothies
  • Bloc technology improves water quality in just a few minutes
  • Greenfield Water Solutions
  • Emoto Institute has been an exclusive reseller for Japan
  • The Bloc reduces allergy response by 65-95%

-David Hawkins scale…59:11

  • Vibration or consciousness level
    • Low vibrations – anger, grief, shame – 100-300 range
    • Level of reason – around 400
    • Level of unconditional love – 500
    • Level of joy – 540
    • Enlightenment zone
  • The technique of muscle testing
  • It takes time to develop tools and scientific methods to measure

-How does the quantum upgrade system work?…1:05:52

  • Not sending anything
  • Using unique identifier of the object or of the person
    • VIN number for car
    • Address for a house
    • Name, birth date, birth city for a person
  • Cybersecurity firm protects all that data
  • Unique identifier is placed into the super powerful source of quantum energy
    • Connecting the unique identifier with quantum energy and placing it in the field
  • Recommendation is to try default levels at first and then boost later
  • Complements supplementation, ice baths, etc.
  • The effects of quantum energy are 100% demonstrable, verifiable and repeatable
  • All studies have all been placebo controlled, randomized, double-blind or single-blind
  • It cannot be used for nefarious purposes
    • It neutralizes all bad frequencies
  • Website: (use code BEN15  to get a 15-day free trial)
  • Very easy to sign up and use

-And much more…

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